10 New Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshots

Posted by TreeFitty March 27, 2013 : 52 Comments : 24,925 Views


Lightning striking again

Another wonderful sunset in Los Santos

Exploring the bottom of the sea

Diving out mid-flight

Franklin with a minigun

LSPD chopper chasing a green Infernus

Sun rising over Alamo Sea

Trevor outruns SWAT on a motorcycle

Passing the wind farm on the highway

Michael ponders about life

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Comments (52)

  • SOUFIANE FERNANE (Guest) May 27, 2013
    Je veux que le participant de jeu dans ce sujet
  • skelitor1234 (Guest) April 13, 2013
    There is so much detail in these screenshots good work rock* :)
  • Bulletgt (Guest) April 12, 2013
    Did anyone else notice that dead cop in the bottom right corner of the screenshot with Franklin and the mini gun
  • Nevada (Guest) April 11, 2013
    I would be happy if there were some videos and photos of trucks and photo center;) thank Gta
  • FATFAT (Guest) April 10, 2013
    I was really looking for this game to come out sooner but i guess i have to wait another 5.5 months and to anxious to wait. Oh well guess the game will be better and i hope the delay is not for ps3 because i have been looking at the trailer for a while.
  • LLegoLLaS (Guest) April 10, 2013
    minigun is back:)
  • skelitor1234 (Guest) April 07, 2013
    dang those are very sexy !!!!! :o
  • Augustine (Guest) April 07, 2013
    GTA 5 will be the best game of the year.Rockstar has taken GTA 5 to a whole new level.They have set the scales to the top of the mighty sky to the depth of the deep blue sea.Sky diving,leisure activities,skuba diving,awesome missions etc.I wish they could put some new things like performing a dive,learn some new fighting techniques like karate,wu shu,ninjit shu,tae kwando,counter attack..
  • robert (Guest) April 06, 2013
    It need to come out asap I wan to play bad
  • IKY_A (Guest) April 01, 2013
    Hope to see more great screenshots like this :D
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