GTA 5 Characters

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In Grand Theft Auto V you take control of 3 different characters. Each has their own finances and skills for you to build.

Michael De Santa

Michael De SantaOccupation: Retired criminal
Location: Rockford Hills
About: Highly successful bank robber who retired and went into FIB witness protection with a sweet deal. He and his wife Amanda have a rocky relationship and kids Tracey & Jimmy are not understandable anymore. He used to rob banks and other places with Trevor - back when using his real last name: Townley. Codenamed "Albert De Silva" from casting calls at the bottom of this page related to "Kevin De Silva". iGTA5
Special Skills: "Bullet-Time" with guns
Voice by: Ned Luke

Franklin Clinton

Franklin ClintonOccupation: Repo man
Location: South Los Santos
About: Franklin works for Simeon Yetarian, an Armenian luxury car dealer, and does repossession when customers can't pay. He hangs out with crazy, immature friends including his best friend for life Lamar but running into Michael shows him another way to live. Franklin would like nothing more than to leave the streets behind for a better life.
Special Skills: Slow-motion driving
Voice by: Shawn Fonteno

Trevor Philips

Trevor PhilipsOccupation: Career criminal
Location: Blaine County
About: Crazy, drug abusing ex-military pilot who lives in a trailer out in the desert. Did we mention Trevor is crazy? Trevor grew up in Canada but appears to have spent most of his life state-side since he has a faint accent (although some people in GTA V hear it perfectly). He used to rob banks and other places with Michael. Codenamed "Simon" from casting calls at the bottom of this page.
Special Skills: Frenzy mode (double damage given, half taken), Special melee attack
Voice by: Steven Ogg


You are able to change clothing, get haircuts, and even get tattoos.

Franklin JacketTrevor Tattoo

Other Characters

Amanda De Santa

Amanda De SantaOccupation: Wife
Location: Rockford Hills
About: Michael's wife and mother of Tracey & Jimmy. Loves to spend money and give Michael a hard time. Formerly a stripper living in a trailer park which is when she met Michael. Has fake boobs, apparently, among other work.
Voice by: Vicki Van Tassel

Ashley Butler

Ashley ButlerOccupation: Lost MC member
Location: Sunset Shores/Stab City
About: Member of the Lost MC that moved from Liberty City with Terry, Clay, and her boyfriend Johnny. Has a noticeable problem with meth addiction.
Voice by: Traci Godfrey

Aunt Denise

Aunt DeniseOccupation:
Location: South Los Santos
About: Very into female empowerment. Franklin shares his house with her.
Voice by: Janet Hubert

Bradley Snider

Bradley SniderOccupation: Prisoner...
Location: Blaine County
About: A third person of Michael and Trevor's old crew. As far as Trevor knows he is being held in prison but the truth may not say the same.
Voice by: Ryan Woodle


CaseyOccupation: Gruppe 6 Security Guard
Location: Los Santos
About: Not the toughest security guard you'll meet. Forced to assist in a heist after his armored car is taken over.
Voice by: Thomas Poarch (rumored to be Jeff Wincott via his Facebook)


ChefOccupation: Meth cooker
Location: Sandy Shores
About: Works in Trevor's meth lab creating the drugs. Also a useful gunman for heists.
Voice by:


ChopOccupation: Franklin's real best friend
Location: South Los Santos
About: Rottweiler belonging to Lamar but later released to Franklin's care. Able to perform a range of commands to assist Franklin in various tasks.
Voice by: n/a

Clayton Simons

Clayton SimonsOccupation: Lost MC member
Location: Sunset Shores/Stab City
About: Member of the Lost MC that moved from Liberty City with Johnny, Ashley, and Terry.
Voice by: Keith Randolph Smith

Cris Formage

Cris FormageOccupation: Cult Leader
Location: Truthseekers know
About: Leader of the Epsilon Program.
Voice by: Fred Melamed

D (from Ballas)

D from BallasOccupation: Thug
Location: South Los Santos
About: Old friend of Franklin and Lamar who ended up in a rival gang. Not the brightest but that doesn't mean he can't get you into trouble.
Voice by: Jackie Long

Dave Norton

Dave NortonOccupation: FIB Agent
Location: Los Santos
About: FIB agent that gave Michael his sweet deal. Works under Steven Haines. Since Michael gets back into the game, Dave gives him some tasks to complete so he can keep his job. Codenamed Calvin North from casting calls at the bottom of this page.
Voice by: Julian Gamble

Devin Weston

Devin WestonOccupation: Billionaire investor, CEO of Merryweather
Location: Los Santos
About: As is occupation states, he is a billionaire investor including the largest shareholder and CEO of Merrywesther Security. He is more than willing to screw over anyone in order to advance is fortunes.
Voice by: Jonathan Walker

Dr. Isiah Friedlander

Isiah FriedlanderOccupation: Therapist
Location: Del Perro
About: Michael's therapist trying to help him get his life back together.
Voice by: Bryan Scott Johnson

Fabien LaRouche

Fabien LaRoucheOccupation: Master Private Yoga Instructor
Location: Los Santos
About: His occupation should say enough about him. Has some slick yoga moves.
Voice by: Michael Giese

Ferdinand Kerimov (aka Mr. K)

Ferdinand Kerimov Occupation: VIP Audio/Visual Installation
Location: Los Santos
About: A spy. Officially dead but actually held by the IAA and later sprung from their control by Michael, Trevor, and Franklin under orders by the FIB. Early GTA V previews had named him Brad but there may have been some confusion during Mr. K's abduction mission.
Voice by: Armin Amiri

Floyd Hebert

Floyd HebertOccupation:
Location: Vespucci Beach
About: Cousin to Wade. Lives in his girlfriend's apartment and is fearful of her more than Trevor.
Voice by: Jimmy Ray Bennett

Harold "Stretch" Joseph

Harold Stretch JosephOccupation: Ex-con
Location: South Los Santos
About: Old "friend" of Franklin who just got out of jail.
Voice by: Hassan Iniko Johnson

Jimmy De Santa

Jimmy De SantaOccupation: Pothead
Location: Rockford Hills
About: Michael & Amanda's son and brother of Tracey. Smokes pot and doesn't do much else. Wishes he was a gangster. Codenamed "Kevin De Silva" from casting calls at the bottom of this page.
Voice by: Danny Tamberelli

Johnny Klebitz

Johnny KlebitzOccupation: Lost MC leader
Location: Sunset Shores/Stab City
About: Leader of the Lost MC that moved from Liberty City with Terry, Clay, and his girlfriend Ashley. Has a problem with meth addiction.
Voice by: Scott Hill

Kyle Chavis

Kyle ChavisOccupation: Tennis Coach
Location: Los Santos
About: Tennis coach to the rich and their lonely wives. Teaches Amanda a little too much and gets caught by Michael.
Voice by: Bradley Schmidt

Lamar Davis

Lamar DavisOccupation: Repo man
Location: South Los Santos
About: Friend and coworker of Franklin at Simeon Yetarian's dealership. A little on the crazy side.
Voice by: Slink Johnson

Lester Crest

Lester CrestOccupation: IT expert
Location: East Los Santos
About: Another old member of the Michael and Trevor's crew that helped plan robberies and is recruited to continue his work. Has access to all kinds of information. Likes video games over movies. Codenamed "Jerry Cole" in casting calls at the bottom of this page.
Voice by: Jay Klaitz

Martin Madrazo

Martin MadrazoOccupation: Business man
Location: Vinewood Hills
About: Runs a Mexican-American gang and narcotics ring. Was almost convicted of crimes until the witnesses went missing. Michael owes quite a bit of money to Martin after a small misunderstanding. A jewelry heist should rake in enough to pay him back.
Voice by: Alfredo Huereca

Molly Schultz

Molly SchultzOccupation: Lawyer
Location: Los Santos
About: Devin Weston's lawyer and partial assistant when dealing with Devin's projects. Seems to be in love with her boss but the love is one way.
Voice by: Elizabeth Mason


Location: Harmony
About: High ranking member of the Aztecas and runs Blaine County until Trevor decides to expand his business.
Voice by: Hector Ramos

"Nervous" Ron Jakowski

Nervous Ron JakowskiOccupation: Trevor's righthand man
Location: Sandy Shores
About: Trevor's fearful neighbor. Paranoid conspiracy theorist. Recently divorced with a messy settlement. Codenamed "Nervous Jerry" in casting calls at the bottom of this page.
Voice by: David Mogentale

Simeon Yetarian

Simeon YetarianOccupation: Car salesman at Premium Deluxe Motorsport
Location: Los Santos
About: Armenian car dealer and Franklin's boss. Scams customers with extreme interest rates on financing. Codenamed "Harut Vartanyan" in casting calls at the bottom of this page.
Voice by: Demosthenes Chrysan

Steve Haines

Steve HainesOccupation: FIB Agent
Location: Los Santos
About: FIB agent going rogue with a few others to protect their jobs. Hosts a TV show about Los Santos gangs. Possibly codenamed "Mitch Hayes" in casting calls at the bottom of this page.
Voice by: Robert Bogue

Tanisha Jackson

Tanisha JacksonOccupation:
Location: Los Santos
About: Franklin's ex-girlfriend. Dislikes Franklin's love of cars - and other things about Franklin. Doesn't dislike money, though.
Voice by: Yasha Jackson

Tao Cheng

Tao ChengOccupation: Businessman/drug sampler
Location: Grand Senora Desert
About: Legitimate businessman - sometimes. His father Wei is the real businessman and leader of the Triads in Los Santos. Codenamed "Tae Wong" in casting calls at the bottom of this page.
Voice by: Richard Hsu

Tao's Translator

Tao's TranslatorOccupation: Translator
Location: Grand Senora Desert
About: Half translator, half babysitter. More sensible than his boss's son.
Voice by: Phil Nee

Terrence Thorpe

Terrence ThorpeOccupation: Lost MC member
Location: Sunset Shores/Stab City
About: Member of the Lost MC that moved from Liberty City with Johnny, Ashley, and Clay.
Voice by: Joshua Burrow

Tracey De Santa

Tracey De SantaOccupation: Aspiring singer and dancer - more about dancing
Location: Rockford Hills
About: Michael & Amanda's daughter and sister of Jimmy. Likes typical girl things. Tramp stamp doesn't say much good about her. Wishes to be a huge singer & dancer and will do whatever it takes to gain fame.
Voice by: Michal Sinnott

Wade Hebert

Wade HebertOccupation: Trevor's assistant
Location: Sandy Shores
About: Intellectual of sorts. Wears face paint similar to Juggalos and a Fatal Incursion shirt. Cousin to Floyd.
Voice by: Matthew Maher

Wei Cheng

Wei ChengOccupation: Triad leader of Los Santos
Location: Los Santos
About: Businessman that sends his eldest, drug-using son Tao out to find sources of drugs and guns in Blaine County to expand the Triads.
Voice by: George Cheung

Strangers and Freaks

These characters feature as side missions to complete.

Abigail Mathers

AbigailOccupation: Widow
Location: Los Santos
About: Widow of Frank Mathers who died in a submarine "accident" while trying to save the San Andreas White Shark.
Voice by: Beth Chamberlin


BarryOccupation: Weed Advocate
Location: Los Santos
About: Believes marijuana should be legalized. Holds some really good stuff on him. Codenamed Eddie from casting calls at the bottom of this page.
Voice by: Tuck Milligan

Beverly Felton

Beverly FeltonOccupation: Paparazzi
Location: Vinewood
About: Professional stalker trying to get the very best shots of troubled celebrities no matter what it takes.
Voice by: Geoff Cantor


CletusOccupation: Redneck
Location: Sandy Shores
About: Fun-loving redneck. Likes to go hunting. Possibly codenamed "Clyde" in casting calls at the bottom of this page.
Voice by: Jimmy Ray Bennett

Dom Beasley

Dom BeasleyOccupation: Hedge Fund Manager
Location: Los Santos
About: In addition to his day job, Dom is also an adrenaline junkie and loves to BASE jump.
Voice by: Tony von Halle


HaoOccupation: Street racer
Location: South Los Santos
About: Contact for street races around Los Santos.
Voice by: Rob Yang

Joe and Josef

Joe and JosefOccupation: Civil Border Patrol
Location: Grand Senora Desert
About: Pair of civilian border patrol agents protecting America from immigrants. Josef is from Russia and doesn't speak English - or quite understand what he's saying at times.
Voice by: Jay Potter and Sergey Nagroney

Josh Bernstein

Josh BernsteinOccupation: Real Estate Agent
Location: Los Santos
About: Josh is finding it hard to make deals with the current housing market. His own house was foreclosed on too. Hopefully he can get some much needed help.
Voice by: Joseph Adams

MaryAnn Quinn

MaryAnn QuinnOccupation: Athlete
Location: Del Perro, Los Santos
About: Really into running and other races. Doesn't take losing lightly.
Voice by: Dawn McGee

Maude Eccles

Maude EcclesOccupation: Bounty Hunter
Location: Sandy Shores
About: Friend of Trevor keeping track of bounties. Stuck between joyful and peachy.
Voice by: Jodie Lynne McClintock

Mrs. Philips

Mrs. PhilipsOccupation: Criminal
Location: Blaine County, elsewhere
About: Trevor's mom isn't exactly "mother of the year". Their past is pretty bumpy with Mrs. Philips once being a prostitute and more recently in jail. Her drug addiction may also cause some turmoil.
Voice by: Geraldine Moffat (unofficial)

Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill

Nigel and Mrs. ThornhillOccupation: Tourists/Stalkers
Location: Vinewood and surrounding areas
About: Two good friends from Britain digging through celebrity trash for valuable items tossed away.
Voice by: Richard Easton and Patricia Kilgarriff


OmegaOccupation: Alien Researcher
Location: Blaine County
About: Omega lives in a trailer near the wind farm. He was almost abducted by aliens until their ship crashed. Now he spends his time trying to find the parts.
Voice by: Alex Bilu

Peter Dreyfuss

Peter DreyfussOccupation: Retired movie director
Location: Vinewood Hills
About: Peter was a movie director in the 1970s. He has done some horrific things in the past including the torture, murder, and dismemberment of an actress. He wrote a confession letter but scattered the pieces all over the landscape.
Voice by: Richard Hughes

(Sasquatch) Hunter

Sasquatch HunterOccupation: What ^that says
Location: Blaine County
About: A true hunter trying to track down the elusive sasquatch aka bigfoot.
Voice by: Bryan Shanney

The Last One

The Last OneOccupation: Furry
Location: Blaine County
About: Something is wrong with this guy for more than one reason...
Voice by: Joel Marsh Garland (Also played the Sasquatch in RDR)

Tonya Wiggins

Tonya WigginsOccupation: Crackhead
Location: South Los Santos
About: Claims she is off drugs. Needs assistance operating a towtruck for some extra cash - that definitely won't go to drugs.
Voice by: Brianna Colette

Other Random People

There are numerous random events happening around the map. Many of the people involved are not named but here's a bunch of them that are.

Antonia Bottino

Antonia BottinoOccupation: Equity Broker
Location: Transient
About: She is the daughter of Sammy Bottino who was the Gambetti crime family underboss. Her family went into hiding out west to avoid the law but her father was captured and became a snitch - leading to Antonia on the verge of getting whacked on the Paleto Bay peninsula.
Voice by: Unknown

Bill Binder

Bill BinderOccupation: Pyramid scheme leader
Location: Paleto Bay
About: Found ranting in a parking lot about various investment and financial things. The future of the market is bleak but you can come out on top by following his plan at
Voice by: Bill Buell

Castro Lagano

Castro LaganoOccupation: Wealthy golfer
Location: Vinewood Hills
About: After his wife kicks him out of the house for suspected infidelity, he hitches a ride to the Los Santos Country Club and becomes the "Hard" difficulty option.
Voice by: Aaron Phillips


ClintonOccupation: Veteran
Location: Sandy Shores
About: Military veteran ranting about war and the government.
Voice by: Craig Anthony Grant

Gray Nicholson

Gray NicholsonOccupation: Animal Ark Founder
About: Gray is a young new-generation millionaire with money to burn. Unfortunately that doesn't stop his bicycle from being stolen in Rancho by a thug.
Voice by: Unknown


GriffOccupation: Ranter
Location: Blaine County
About: A misguided anti-immigration ranter found in Harmony in front of Larry's RV Sales on Route 68.
Voice by: Matthew Lawler

Unknown (Jesco White)

Jesco WhiteOccupation: Country dancer
Location: Alamo Sea
About: Not much to this guy. Can be found near a dock on the northwest shore of the Alamo Sea. He dances continuously in the style of Jesco White (who is the Rebel Radio DJ).
Voice by: Jesco White (assumed)


JesseOccupation: Stoner
Location: Del Perro
About: A Jesus Christ look-alike on the Del Perro Pier that appears to be stoned while he rants about "his father" and life. Knows Amanda De Santa a little too well.
Voice by: Nicola Wincenc

Lacey Jonas

Lacey JonasOccupation: Celebrity
Location: Vinewood Hills
About: Vinewood star who wants to escape the paparazzi on Vinewood Blvd. Grab her car and escort her away from the flashing lights.
Voice by: Bridget Burke


MimeOccupation: Mime
Location: Del Perro
About: Self-explanatory. You can make him say rude things by bumping into him.
Voice by: Gregg Goldston

Packie McReary

Packie McRearyOccupation: Criminal
Location: Los Santos
About: Robbing places to make ends meet on the opposite coast. Originally confirmed to not be in GTA V by Dan Houser in an interview by IGN. Can be saved during a drug store robbery in Strawberry and used as a gunman for heists afterward.
Voice by: Ryan Johnston

Pamela Drake

Pamela DrakeOccupation: Former movie star
Location: Vinewood
About: Fading star of the silver screen who can be found ranting on Vinewood Blvd. She made it to the top by going down on every producer in tinseltown.
Voice by: Leigh Rose

Saeeda Kadam

Saeeda KadamOccupation: Tailor
About: Saeeda was from a poor immigrant family but now heads a major tailoring company providing high quality suits to retailers. Her SUV gets stolen in the northeast corner of the airport and she begs for help.
Voice by: Unknown

Taliana Martinez

Taliana MartinezOccupation: Getaway Driver
Location: Sandy Shores
About: A female robber who is found in a wrecked getaway car in northeastern Blaine County after a job goes wrong. If she makes it home before bleeding out she becomes a useful driver for heists.
Voice by: Carolina Ravassa


TimmOccupation: Equity Broker
Location: Liberty City
About: Timm works in Algonquin, Liberty City as an equity analyst. During his stay on the west coast he rented a car but it broke down south of Chumash just off Great Ocean Highway. He now needs a ride to the airport before his flight leaves.
Voice by: Unknown


UrsulaOccupation: Hitchhiker
Location: Cape Catfish
About: An interesting young woman found walking northwest of the Alamo Sea who needs a ride home. Gets along with Trevor just fine which should say something about her personality.
Voice by: Unknown

Casting Call Listings

Note: The following is pre-release information.

A couple casting calls for Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games have been found online. Many different types of characters and even a familiar name has appeared among them. What purpose these character will serve is unknown but it is possible they are pedestrians and/or callers for GTA 5 radio shows. Some of these have been linked to known characters with similar names.

Very Likely for GTA V

This batch of casting calls from Take-Two features the name of James Pedeaston who is a child molester featured in past Grand Theft Auto games. Aside from him, the others are only first names which could mean they are for radio shows although last names could be added later.

Matthew (18-25 Male United States)
A liberal young male who believes in a conspiracy made by republicans to undermine America.

Jose (30-40 Male United States)
A white creepy man who thinks that technology is a poison against the wilderness.

James Pedeaston (40-45 Male United States)
A man-boy love activist who just got released from an Indonesian prison.

Samantha (20-25 Female United States)
A young female obsessed with sex parties, always dreaming of being a Hollywood celebrity.

Anthony (10-15 Male United States)
A young, fast-talking boy fighting for the right of young boys to drink alcohol and have sex.

Possibly for GTA V

This next batch of casting calls are for the title RUSH, which was linked to Rockstar Games via some actors. This set has mostly full names which suggests these will be more prominent characters in the GTA 5 story.

Mitch Hayes (38)
Annoying, wise cracking, highly successful FBI agent. In great shape. Does triathlons, drinks low cal beer, but still has a sense of humor.

Miguel Gonzalez (25)
Young Mexican American FBI agent, caught between a few mob bosses. Very clean cut

Clyde (23)
Moronic, almost inbred and creepy white trash hillbilly. Very naïve but in a creepy it's only incest sort of way.

Brother Adam (50)
Welsh monk / cult leader / yoga teacher, very lithe, very into exploring your personal tension through gripping massage. Needs Welsh accent.

Mrs Avery (48)
Neurotic soccer mom, home maker, anxious and addled on pain killers. Very angry at neighbor MRS Bell.

Mrs Bell (45)
Swinger, and mellow Californian divorcee. Ugly but comfortable with self.

Eddie (47)
Weed evangelist, guy who started smoking at 30, and is now a leading proponent of marijuana's fantastic properties. White, awkward.

Ira Bernstein (56)
Publicist for an actress known as America's newest sweetheart who just so happens to love animals, orphans, drugs and sex. He's always trying to hide her latest indiscretion.

Kevin De Silva (18)
Albert's fat, FPS playing gamer son. Smokes a lot of weed, has anxiety issues and a card for a bad back, very soft, very opinionated. Into making racist comments while playing online.

Harut Vartanyan (42-52 years old)
Armenian car dealer, moneylender, would be Fagin and would be bully. Heavily connected to the underworld, but irritates people so much no one likes him.

Nervous Jerry (48)
Paranoiac living in the sticks, near Simon, completely paranoid, and terrified of Simon.

Calvin North (55)
Clapped out FBI agent who now mostly works offering advice on TV shows whose only claim to fame turns out to be entirely false but a decent guy in other ways. Badly dressed. Divorced. Putting on weight.

Jerry Cole (53)
Disabled IT expert and criminal information vendor.

Rich Roberts (35)
English hardman actor, who acts tough but who wants to do serious work - the only problem is he can't quite read the words.

Alex (52)
white loosie goosie hippy rich guy who has lost his money and is getting desperate but trying not to.

Scarlet (45-52 years old)
Unshaven female spiritualist and hippy with a love of exploring the wilderness. Very into journeys.

Chad (29)
Pretty boy misogynist Beverly Hills party boy. Made money, but not as cool as he thinks he is.

Tae Wong (39)
Somewhat incompetent Chinese mobster, loves doing ecstasy, going to raves.

Taes Translator (45)
Very straight laced Chinese translator, terrified of his boss's dad. Male, awkward. Needs to speak Chinese.


An additional casting call features two of the previous names with the very familiar last name of McReary:

JANE BELL (45-50 Female United States)
Caucasian. 5'4" - 5'6". Ugly, lives alone. Very carefree and smooth-tongued.

JEFFREY (38-45 Male United States)
Irish ethnicity. Tall and athletic build. Lost his money by gambling and recently started working for his stepbrother. He is a bit lunatic.

WILLIAM (35-40 Male United States)
Jeffrey's stepbrother. Likeable and talkative. Owns a restaurant in Beverly Hills.

EDDIE MCREARY (45-50 Male United States)
Irish ethnicity. Lives with his cousin. Smokes weed and loves partying.

MARCO (25-28 Male United States) iGTA5
Young Mexican FBI agent. Has a strong sense of humor and likes to hang with friends.

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