10 Things GTA 5 Could Take From Rockstar's Other Games

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Since GTA IV was released, Rockstar have released a number of other games with new features previously unseen in the world of GTA. A number of these features, brought on by new technology, could be implemented in GTA 5 to build upon the experience of previous games. Afterall, Rockstar went through the trouble of creating this stuff, why not re-use it?

1. Replaying Missions

Although it was technically added in the latest Grand Theft Auto game; "The Ballad of Gay Tony" and included in the portable "Chinatown Wars", the ability to replay missions has appeared in all of Rockstar's new games since then, including "Red Dead Redemption" and "LA Noire". This feature gives the player incentive to complete missions over and over to earn a better rating and to unlock trophies or achievements. Through the Rockstar Games Social Club, users can also be ranked on the online leaderboard too which greatly increases the games replay value. It's very likely that Grand Theft Auto 5 will also include this feature.

Replaying Missions GTA 5
Replaying Missions In The Ballad Of Gay Tony

2. Animals

Rockstar haven't included animals in any of their games prior to Red Dead Redemption (unless you count seagulls and pigeons). Police dogs were rumoured for games as far back as San Andreas, but never appeared leading some to believe Rockstar didn't want you to shoot defenceless animals. However after allowing you to ride, hunt and skin them in the wild west, there is a large possibility that animals will make an appearance in the next GTA game. Police dogs would make the most sense, but if the game features a large countryside, we may be able to 'accidentally' splatter various wildlife on the front of our trucks.

John Marston vs Wolves
Hunting Animals In Red Dead Redemption

3. Improved Graphics & Animation

While the countryside in Red Dead Redemption was highly detailed, the graphics remained more or less on par with Grand Theft Auto IV. LA Noire however brought characters to life with detail never seen before. If LA Noire's technology is used for characters faces in GTA 5, it will present a large improvement over the previous GTA games' character graphics.

LA Noire Interrogation
Photo-Realistic Detail In LA Noire

4. Free Roam Multiplayer Missions

On Grand Theft Auto IV's multiplayer you either played Free Roam and just drove around the city doing stunts, or played a game mode and did missions or completed other objectives. Red Dead Redemption introduced free roam missions where the player could do what they wanted, when they wanted while also allowing them to complete gang hideout missions to earn XP and unlocks. GTA 5 could implement this feature and allow groups of gamers to team up and complete online missions against non-playable characters. Given it's popularity in RDR, it would make perfect sense for it to be included in Grand Theft Auto V.

Red Dead Redemption Free Roam Mission
Online, Free-Roam Missions In Red Dead Redemption

5. Parachutes

The Ballad of Gay Tony introduced parachutes, allowing the player to base jump from tall buildings or helicopters. This feature also existed in GTA San Andreas. With strong rumours that GTA V will be set in or around the same area as San Andreas the ability to parachute from way up high could well make a return.

Parachutes In The Ballad of Gay Tony
The Ballad of Gay Tony featured parachutes and base jumping

6. Multiplayer Mini-Games

Grand Theft Auto IV featured a number of mini-games in single player, such as pool, darts, bowling etc, however these games weren't available online. Red Dead Redemption however did introduce a number of it's games to the online community through it's "Liars And Cheats" pack. This allowed users to play card games against each other over the internet. Given it's popularity, it would make a lot of sense for Rockstar Games to include similar functionality for GTA 5's mini games, possibly through post-launch downloadable content.

Online Card Games In Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption introduced online mini-games like cards

7. Climbing Terrain

LA Noire required detective Cole Phelps to climb up and down all sorts of objects in order to find evidence to solve crimes. Up until this point, none of Rockstar's major releases featured the ability to interact with the terrain in such a way. Ladders existed in previous GTA's but weren't usable. It's definitely possible that GTA5 will include the ability to climb ladders and poles and possibly also allow the player to physically climb up buildings, objects and walls in a similar way to Cole in Sucker Punch's "inFamous".

Cole Phelps Climbing in LA Noire
Cole Phelps could climb objects in LA Noire

8. Car Collecting

Grand Theft Auto III featured a number of Import/Export garages which required the player to deliver specific cars which were found all over the city. Upon completion of the vehicle list, the player was able to access any vehicle they had delivered. In LA Noire, one of the objectives for 100% completion was to drive every single vehicle in the game. Considering this game is called Grand Theft Auto, we haven't really seen any major car collecting since the GTA 3 series games and Rockstar could add this feature to the new GTA game; either requiring you to drive every vehicle in the game - which has never been done before in a GTA game, or collect and deliver various vehicles to specific garages or cranes.

Car Collecting In LA Noire
Driving every vehicle is an objective in LA Noire

9. Downloadable Missions

While Grand Theft Auto IV was blessed with some of the best downloadable content for any game, what it received was effectively two new stand-alone games as add-ons which were set in the same city and followed around the same storyline. LA Noire however, received a number of downloadable cases (or missions if you will) which could be a feature implemented by Rockstar Games for Grand Theft Auto V. Keeping the game fresh for people after completion. We have already seen something similar in Red Dead Redemption with Social Club challenges, however more detailed single player missions for download for around £1 could be a nice little earner for Rockstar and keep fans of the game happy. Rockstar could even really push the boat out and include a mission builder similar to that seen in inFamous 2, allowing gamers to create and share their own missions with the online community, providing unlimited replay value for the game!

LA Noire Downloadable Content
LA Noire allows you to download new missions

10. Decision Making

Both LA Noire and Red Dead Redemption expanded on GTA IV's ability to decide whether to do something or not. In LA Noire, your choices can affect how the game progresses - more on a case by case basis. GTA IV's decisions did somewhat change certain aspects of the story, however not in a major way. Rockstar could be looking to implement this system once again, but in more detail. Perhaps the way you complete missions will affect which other missions are available, or how much gangs respect you, such as the system seen in GTA 2. Carl 'CJ' Johnson voice-actor Young Maylay also mentioned Rockstar may be expanding the decision making in an interview a number of months ago.

LA Noire Decision Making
Decision making affects the outcome of cases in LA Noire

What do you think? Could any of these features make their way into Grand Theft Auto V? Is there anything else you remember from a previous game which could make an appearance? Let us know through the comments below!

Comments (40)

  • bigpapi (Guest) January 24, 2012
    i wish you could be able to drive a monter truck in the game as well as drive big rigs with trailers attached and buy your cars that will stay at your house and be able to have car shows or stunt comps in the stroy mode as well as driving pick-up trucks with a little mini trailer that you can pull ie, camper or garbge trailer. and i think R* should bring back the el caminos in the game those were the best to drive and play with
  • pedro159 (Guest) December 11, 2011
    So NIce!!!!!!!!
  • TreeFitty (Guest) November 28, 2011
    This is about things in previous games being brought into GTA V.

    @RentedHt1m4nBen: No, there were no animals in San Andreas Beta. They never existed in the game files: http://www.gta-sanandreas.com/qa/index.php (12th one)
  • neymar (Guest) November 28, 2011
    the character could play soccer and make a soccer stadium in the game
  • RentedHt1m4nBen (Guest) November 13, 2011
    Yes there was animals in gta san andreas BETA whic roamed around the country sides like in RDR but it was removed, the models of the animals are still in the game files, and there was a rumor that you could climb lamps in GTA SA beta, and also GTA San andreas was going to have a mission pack instead of a new storry like they did in Vice city and GTA IV, and in GTA V it will may snow because in GTA IV beta snow was a weather, and it will possibly come back because in GTA SA beta you could wash your cars and it was harder to steal it because you had to hotwire it but thease came back in GTA IV and thats why i belive that the snow will come back in GTA 5
  • ATC (Guest) November 11, 2011
    Give us the ropes from RDR! Kidnap people or tie em up and stick em in the back of your boot! A lasoo would be a bit much, but ropes, or chains, cheese wires would make great weapons! That and just a generally enhanced version of san andreas. Also make parking choppers and planes more difficult, eg, you try to land on the street, then the cops are on you.
  • plzzzz doo by mikey (Guest) October 25, 2011
    liverpool/uk,dogs,real cars,amazing graphics,planes,online house just for you???????????????
  • Android (Guest) October 19, 2011
    lukz like they gonna have zum zame ztuff like GTA SA
  • MaxGeeLBC (Guest) October 19, 2011
    Got to be able to make lowriders or bring reality like the ghetto in the game its a must. Can't wait for the game tho >.<
  • Peterbilt (Guest) October 18, 2011
    bring back the semi trucks that can pull trailers! i loved that in gta sa
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