12 New GTA V Screenshots

Posted by bOnEs May 08, 2013 : 41 Comments : 56,351 Views

12 images from a digital Game Informer article leaked today initially from The GTA Network. Rockstar later officially revealed them described as, "Motorbike Action, Heists, High-Speed Chases and More..." And they certainly show that...

Here's the collection:


Via Rockstar Games:
Just added to the collection of Grand Theft Auto V screenshots at www.rockstargames.com/V is a brand new set of 12 action-packed shots in high-res featuring Michael, Franklin and Trevor in various states of play - parachuting over Blaine County, piloting over the coastline in a Cuban 800, as well as attending to business affairs solo and as a masked unit tackling heists. Enjoy.

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Also check out more screens from Edge in the forum topic here. Hopefully they will be officially released soon.

Comments (41)

  • Jimmy (Guest) June 19, 2013
    I can't wait until Gta 5 comes out it looks awesome!
  • TheStupid (Guest) June 14, 2013
    Oh i dint know they were bringing out a new Grand Theft Auto,i would have thought it would have mentioned some where
  • gta 5 lover (Guest) May 27, 2013
    shit dis game gonna be dope i mean lik fo real i cant wat 2 play as my nigga franklin but i wishes his name woold be tyrone likes me. I was just kiding about that last part, but seriously this game is going to be insanley fun, and i cant wait for it to be realesed, I wish they dint delay it but it will just make the game better in the long run i guess.
  • daddy day care (Guest) May 12, 2013
    if saints row copied gta games why wouldnt gta copy back. saints row turned into a piece of crap after sains row the third they dont give a crap about their fans. rockstar is very careful on their games thats why rockstar games are my favorite. i got most of rockstar games like max payne 3 red dead, la noir, bully , all the xbox 360 gta games and i will get gta 5.
  • Anthony (Guest) May 11, 2013
    I can't believe people are complaining about the screen shots. This is awesome.
  • gtagrl (Guest) May 09, 2013
    Fav bits: the scuba diving pic, the plane's perspective on how big the mountain really looks, and Franklin's motorbike helmet... :drool:
  • stuntdriver ( ' o ' ) (Guest) May 09, 2013
    Gtav is gonna be epic might even be game of the year
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