2 New Game Informer Articles and New Screens!

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WOW! What a day! With the new Gameplay Video released earlier today, Game Informer followed it up with Two New Articles. They got the chance to sit down with producer and lead mission designer Imran Sarwar to ask him a series of questions.

The first article is all about Customization, where discussions about guns and cars come into play. The second article was about Combat and Cover, and how they improved each by using ideas from past games to help evolve the combat from GTAIV.

Both are short and worth a read.

In addition to the new articles, 15 images made their way to the internet today to go along with the new Gameplay Video.

Gameplay Video IntroCar ChaseTrevor in ActionAirborn SanchezBlowing Stuff UpWind FarmHanging With CopsCrusing the OceanTrevor and Muscle CarWith the MoneyHigh Speed ChaseMajestic LandscapeFlashlight Action Lose Santos Gun ClubMichael with Hostage

High-Res images of last 14 added July 29th

Also check out our 143 Screencaps from today's Gameplay Trailer!

As always, feel free to join the discussion in the GTAV Forums! We're waiting for you!

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