24 New Screenshots

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Tearing up the dirtBuzzard heads to the beachDodo flies down the beachMichael's on a boat
Cops chase a yellow super carMonkey see, monkey RPGThe trio goes trick or treatingBuzzard on the bank tower
Sheriffs surround a red carTrevor with a minigunFranklin in the spotlightTrevor with a bandana
Masked up and ready to goMichael in Little SeoulMicheal on Vinewood BlvdMichael out runs the paparazzi
Lucifer, I'm homeNo time for Bahama MamasLightning near the dishesGetting a private dance
Calm waters near the lighthousePlanning the bugstars heistTrevor SCUBA divingFranklin lets bullets fly at LSX

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Rockstar has released another 12 screenshots.

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