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Posted by Psy March 27, 2011 : 0 Comments : 12,046 Views

We're currently looking for affiliates for If you run a gaming website, a Rockstar Games fansite, or particularly a GTA5 website, we're interested in exchanging affiliate buttons. You'll notice we link to affiliates from our website footer so your button will be shown on every page.

If you have a related website, all we need are a few things from you...

On Your Website
  • Add our button to your website: iGTA5 Affiliate Button
  • Link back to us at
For Our Website
  • Send us your affiliate button - MUST BE 88x31 pixels in dimension.
  • Send us your website URL.
Email those details to submit[at] and if you meet our criteria, we'll add your link to our affiliates.

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