Are Both Trailer Characters Connected?

Posted by Psy November 04, 2011 : 57 Comments : 16,365 Views

Official Playstation Magazine UK have just let us know about something interesting they spotted when examining the trailer. We've gone through it frame by frame hundreds of times but this is something we missed so we thought it was worth bringing to you.

In the scene where the "Blue Car Guy" and some buddies are robbing what could be a jewellery store with their bug van, it looks like the "Red Car Guy" from the red car in the trailer may actually be the driver of the van. See below with the image courtesy of Official Playstation Magazine UK. While they claim this confirms multiple characters, it doesn't necessarily mean we play as both. But it would lead us to believe they are connected.

And here are the two people we think might be shown in this scene.

What do you think?

Original source: Official Playstation Magazine UK - GTA 5 Multiple Characters Confirmed Connected

Comments (57)

  • TreeFitty (Guest) April 06, 2012
    "Adrian" is a made up name by some kid "leaking" information that wasn't real.
  • Dunksgaz (Guest) April 06, 2012
    I think you will play as the guy in the red convertible (who apparently is called adrien) is the main charecter, this is because he has normal hair and no tattoos and very little muscle which means he is very customisable should there be charecter customisation which is very likely. The older guy seen driving the blue convertable (who I think is Albert Da Silva) is Someone who pays adrien to do work for him and do jobs with him, I think this because as he mentions in the trailer he bought a big house and is quite rich (or too rich for the start of a gta game which is usually a rags to riches story). I don't think you play as Albert because he is too old (he seems to be in his early 50s)
    The black guy seen running from the cops in the trailer, I think is a close friend of Adrian's and does the early missions with him, I don't think you play as this guy because he is already customised with tattoos.
    These are just my thoughts and that's all.
  • Gta V so damn fine (Guest) March 16, 2012
    I think the main character is the guy in the red car because his is driving
    The robbery van don't u always drive the car in Gta games?......
  • olbivion1011 (Guest) February 13, 2012
    Maybe there will be 2 stories. That happened in the previous GTA. The DLC had the game Lost and Damned. And another called Ballad of Gay Tony. With different characters they all intersected sometime in the game. So maybe they are connected. But you never know. Just have to wait and see.
  • JJR (Guest) February 12, 2012
    I think that we all just have to wait and don't look the trailer over a 1000 times and make links between random characters...
  • TreeFitty (Guest) January 26, 2012
    I think you are confusing blue cars. The one driving around Vinewood and the one in the collision are two completely different blue cars.
  • Pablo (Guest) January 26, 2012
    By the end of the trailer, I noticed the red convertable with the guy in it, crashes into the blue car EXCEPT with it's hood up, same with the red car, it's hood was up, when it crashed into the red convertable, so yeah. I definately agree, that the GTAV trailer characters ARE connected, in some way or another.
  • peppe (Guest) December 15, 2011
    I think the blue car in the photo is Vin Diesel
  • TreeFitty (Guest) December 10, 2011
    They do share a similar appearance but there are a few differences (the tattoo for starters) and no great shot of the jogging girl's face. Possible but not likely at this time.
  • alex (Guest) December 10, 2011
    i saw the trailer and found that the woman in pink short at 0:09 looks same with the woman in tatoos at 0:25.Is this character also connected?
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