BuzzFeed Interview with GTAV Art Director Aaron Garbut

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If you are looking for a great interview on the world of Los Santos, then look no further! BuzzFeed conducted a very thorough interview with the Art Director of GTAV, Aaron Garbut. In it he explains, in full detail, the amount of work and attention to detail his team has put into the world of Los Santos.

"Our process has been to block the world in quickly and then collate our reference and build out each part till we hit a good visual bar and a reasonable level of solidity. This is probably where in the past we would have stopped and finished off. Instead, we have done pass after pass of refinement for all sorts of reasons. Simply, does it look good enough? Does it play well enough? Does it feel distinctive? Does it sit well with its surroundings? Does it get across the character of the area we’re trying to create? How does it sit in terms of vistas and general sculptural composition? Do we need more color, contrast, branding, or lighting? Does it feel weathered? Does it have a sense of place and history? Can we layer story over it, whether through ambient, “generalized story” (who lives here, what have they done to the place, who lived here before them, where do they shop, what do they do for fun, do they keep their garden nice, do they have a fetish for gnomes and pink flamingos?) or whether it’s layering our actual story over it: mission detailing, filling out areas that belong to characters, random events or beats, and random characters you might meet. We take all the elements the story and mission guys add and layer more detail over the world based on it."

Click Here to read the full interview. It's a must read!

A few new images accompanied the article as well. Check them out below.

LighthouseView of Los SantosTrevor with ShotgunBansheeLoading Docks

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