Fan Art: The GTA 5 HUD

Posted by TreeFitty June 01, 2013 : 22 Comments : 45,018 Views

Most of you have read the latest GTA 5 previews and drooled over the screenshots released with them. One thing the screenshots and trailers haven't shown yet is the HUD (Heads-Up Display) that we'll be seeing and using during gameplay. Luckily the previews talked about the HUD a little and allowed the fans to imagine it for themselves. Check out some HUD screenshots made by fans below...

GTA 5 HUD by Aditya KulkarniGTA 5 HUD by DuPz0rGTA 5 HUD by DuPz0rGTA 5 HUD by TreeFittyGTA 5 HUD by bOnEsGTA 5 HUD by bOnEsGTA 5 HUD by LineEmUp 504GTA 5 HUD by BrianGTA 5 HUD by GunSmith117GTA 5 HUD by PUSSYOLETHETHIRDGTA 5 HUD by Gregers07GTA 5 HUD by Gregers07GTA 5 HUD by Rittik VermaGTA 5 HUD by Massacre <<< This one is animated! (download full size)

If you have a HUD you would like to share, feel free to submit it to us or post it in the GTA 5 HUD forum topic here! Look for more fan round-ups in the future. We may even tackle the various maps the fans have been making...

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