Five new GTA V screens

Posted by Massacre via DiO December 24, 2012 : 41 Comments : 35,523 Views

Rockstar has released five new GTA V screens for the holidays. Enjoy.

Shark Attack

Dog Riding Shotgun



Michael, Franklin, and Trevor

Link to the Rockstar Newswire article here, and feel free to discuss the new screens in our GTA V forums!

Comments (41)

  • TreeFitty (Guest) January 21, 2013
    In real life there's that area southwest of LA sticking out into the ocean (Palos Verdes). With the scaled down and condensed version of LA, Rockstar made that area the airport. You can see it in screenshots such as this one (right of the bridge):
  • -GODFATHER- (Guest) January 21, 2013
    Just realized this but on the submarine pic you can see the airport turminal in the background, and the way it looks is that it will be at the edge of Los Santos near the bottom (if it's LSX that is) ?
  • nick30000000 (Guest) January 13, 2013
    cant wait for this game goin to be rippin it
  • MUFC (Guest) January 13, 2013
    Can not wait to get eaten by a shark :]
  • IIx_WH3L4N_xII (Guest) January 04, 2013
    I hope this game lives up to the hype, I've never been so exited for a game.

    I know rockstar will pull it off, but I just hope it's as good as all these trailers and tips make it look.
  • MR kool (Guest) January 03, 2013
    The doggie is just chillin like a villian
  • datkid091 (Guest) January 03, 2013
    Thats weird, I posted a comment before saying how there should be a submarine in the game and some disliked lmaoo Good work R* !!
  • gta 5 (Guest) January 02, 2013
    cant wait for the game to come out
  • AC/DC Fan (Guest) December 31, 2012
    wow look at the water thats the best detailed water i ever seen in a video game.
  • gamergeek (Guest) December 31, 2012
    this Gta 5 is gonna be awesome then Gta 4
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