Grand Theft Auto Online Gameplay Previews on Thursday

Posted by OptimumPx August 12, 2013 : 29 Comments : 12,229 Views

Check back with us on Thursday, August 15th, for not only the world premiere of the official GTA Online Gameplay Video, but also coverage of first multiplayer preview articles!

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The GTA Online video will be posted at 10 AM Eastern Time US! See you then!

Comments (29)

  • RNG RECKLESS (Guest) August 15, 2013
    Hype.....Can't wait to play with my ni**as....RNG
  • TreeFitty (Guest) August 15, 2013
    Confirmed 10 AM Eastern US for the GTA Online video debut.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) August 14, 2013
    I'm pretty sure that is another release day thing. As far as I know no one got them already.
  • GTAGreg22 (Guest) August 14, 2013
    Thanks TreeFitty. I was just wondering since every other time they announced a new trailer/video in the past they gave both the date and time. This time they only gave us the date, and no time. But I'll take your word for it and watch for 10 am to come. By the way, I had one more question. Back on July 25th, you guys announced that players can get a free Lithograph poster from GameStop when you pre-order the Strategy Guide. My local GameStop has not gotten them in yet. Do you actually get it when you pre-order, or is it like the blueprint map and you don't get that until release? I'm wondering about that because I've asked my local GameStop if they have those exclusive Lithographs, and they keep saying, "Sorry, no we don't."
  • TreeFitty (Guest) August 14, 2013
    The gameplay video was 10 AM (Eastern US). The 3rd and 2nd trailers were 11 AM. The 1st was noon. Probably 10 AM so we have time to drool over the previews coming online tomorrow.
  • GTAGreg22 (Guest) August 14, 2013
    Any idea what time tomorrow the new gameplay video will debut?
  • yes (Guest) August 14, 2013
    oh man im going to watch this thing 1 million times just like the gameplay video
  • Trap god (Guest) August 13, 2013
    Oh my bob this will be the best shit since battlefield 3 came out fuck call of duty
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