Grand Theft Auto Online Holiday Gifts

Posted by Massacre December 24, 2013 : 9 Comments : 12,358 Views

Rockstar has announced the Grand Theft Auto Online Holiday Gifts content, out now!


Season's Greetings from Los Santos. Just in time for Christmas, please enjoy a bounty of Holiday Gifts that transform Grand Theft Auto Online into a West Coast winter wonderland.

Right now, you'll find special limited-time, holiday-themed items in the clothing shops and at Vespucci Movie Masks like Santa hats, Elf jackets and shoes, Snowman masks, Reindeer antlers and more. All these items are available to don until January 5th.


Travelers to Los Santos and Blaine County in GTA Online now through Christmas Day will also be greeted by a the very rare sight of a San Andreas snowfall, making for (even more) hazardous driving conditions.


Spruce up your selfies and share your holiday photos with a host of updated Snapmatic features that have just been released including all-new photo Filters, Borders, and Facial Expressions. There's also a new Depth of Field Effect and a Meme Creator feature. All the new Snapmatic features are here to stay even after the Holiday Season (and are also available to use in Story Mode as well). You can access the Filters, Borders, Facial Animations, and Depth of Field Effect while you're taking a photo (Facial Animations and Depth of Field are only available in Self Portrait Mode). To use the Meme Creator, just pause the game and select the picture you'd like to meme-ify from the Gallery, then hit Square / X to add meme text.

Share your best holiday season Snapmatics with the tag #XmasInLosSantos and we may feature some of our favorites here at the Newswire in early January.

We've also got special holiday discounts right now through January 5th on select weapons, vehicles and more to help you lay down some jolly season’s beatings.


Make sure you put Grenades, Tear Gas and Sticky Bombs on your Christmas list as these explosive stocking stuffers are all half-price.

You can also get 30% off select luxury sedans (ridiculous giant red bow not included) including the Super Diamond, Vapid Fugitive, Benefactor Schwartzer and Ubermacht Zion.

If you'd like a new apartment to trash for your Crew Christmas party, then take advantage of 25% off the aptly named Tinsel Towers apartments 45 and 29.

We've also got half price discounts on Hinterland and Yeti boots, musical horns on vehicles, green and gold weapon tints, and to keep you warm in the Blaine County snowstorms there's 50% off Winter hats, berets, Hinterland Boots and Yeti Boots.

We hope these gifts help you all enjoy a fantastic holiday season in San Andreas and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks to the entire worldwide GTA community for your amazing support in 2013 and get ready for big things to come in 2014!

Have fun, Santa's little sociopaths, and join the discussion in our GTA V Forums!

Comments (9)

  • felixito12 (Guest) January 15, 2014
    es el mejor juego XD
  • GTA GAm3R K1D (Guest) January 12, 2014
    Hey anyone wanna join my crew named buzzard killers u can join my crew on both 360 and PS3 please support me and my crew.

  • gta fan (Guest) January 05, 2014
    When is gta 5 is out on ps4
  • bronzetiger68 (Guest) January 04, 2014
    hey @gtaomg I thought the same thing about the fugitive , There is a vapid fugitive and a chevel fugitive . The site does need to ad the other . The vapid version is found around the city and the chevel is found on Just clarifying that . Hey and by the way did you actualy notice the difference or did u read my post earlier this week on the vehicales section.
  • . (Guest) January 03, 2014
    We want more Hiest and story mode info Rock* !
  • gtaomg (Guest) January 03, 2014
    Hey admins,
    I noticed a mistake in this post. You guys mention the "Vapid Fugitive", it's in actuality, a Cheval car, and therefore, it is Cheval Fugitive..

    Keep up the good work! (and it's a shame that the snow lasted only a day, I didn't get to experience it :()
  • gta1advocate (Guest) December 31, 2013
    I only saw the snow for one day, Snow should just happen randomly for the season
  • TreeFitty (Guest) December 28, 2013
    It only lasted Christmas day. Kind of stupid to make it one day but that's what Rockstar did.
  • ihasadeathwish (Guest) December 28, 2013
    i just played online an did
    not see any snow anywere
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