Grand Theft Auto V Officially Coming Spring 2013

Posted by TreeFitty October 30, 2012 : 50 Comments : 29,235 Views

Those of you following the forums or our twitter are aware that supposed retail posters and other items were photographed and posted online. They showed a Spring 2013 release date among other small details included with never-before-seen artwork.

Rockstar has now officially confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V will release this coming spring!

GTA 5 Spring 2013 Bikini Girl

Today, we're proud to announce that Grand Theft Auto V is expected to launch worldwide spring 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Developed by series creator Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto V takes place in a re-imagined, present-day Southern California in the largest and most thriving game-world we have ever created set in the sprawling city of Los Santos and for miles beyond – from the tops of the mountains to the depths of the ocean.

Starting next week November 5, 2012, Grand Theft Auto V will become available for pre-order everywhere and fans can expect a host of new information to become available in November.

Look for downloadable desktop versions of the brand new artwork above coming very soon.

No PC? We'll see about that... Enjoy and join the Grand Theft Auto 5 forums! Don't forget to enter the GTA 5 release date contest!


In regard to the lack of PC, Rockstar stated:
Hey guys, glad to see so much enthusiasm about the release announcement. For those asking about the PC platform, we're currently focused on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game and don't have any details to share about a PC version at this time.


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  • FreddyLuxe (Guest) November 16, 2012
    DK Son : Maybe you are the clown.. I don't know where you did read that I hate consoles... you did read what you did want to read.. Wow nice shot!

    Consoles are great as much as a good PC. My point is that I don't understand why developpers always work first on consoles release before the PC release.

    The first GTA was on the PC as well as on the PSone. It is never been a console exclusive game so I don't understand why PC gamers are pushed aside.

    That's it, so please don't make a foul of yourself again and respect other opinions on the subject.
  • DK Son (Guest) November 14, 2012
    FreddyLuxe you're a clown.

    No one is forcing you to buy them on both platforms. If PC is your gaming platform then suck it up bro. It will come out on PC..... one day.

    If you wanna play it straight away get a console when it comes out. Your issues with your previous consoles are between you and the manufacturer. If it RROD under warranty then they will replace it, if not then that's life, just like any other electronic device. It dies outside warranty, you pay a price to fix it that is probably 70% of just buying a new one.

    Upgrading a PC is a part of life if you are a gamer mate. You think it's gonna be free to get a neat computer and games? Nothing in life is free. Hobbies and interests are some of the most expensive things people can do. But they are worth it if it is what you enjoy/love. For a computer upgrade, $800 isn't that extreme.

    PC's might be a better experience for full graphics quality and what not, but consoles are a standard platform that are in almost every loungeroom.
    Most people have a computer and a console, but the computer might be crap, whereas the console is a standard design across the world. No one is going to have a shitty PS3 while their neighbour has a better one. Disregarding re-released models that look different or have a bigger HDD, it comes down to the fact that everyone goes into the shop and buys the same console.

    This makes it easy to make a game. You code it once for the system. It is done. You don't worry about compatibility with certain gfx cards, etc.
  • FreddyLuxe (Guest) November 14, 2012
    Wow the same story repeats again... When GTAIV released, I had to buy an Xbox360 and then GTAIV. When it came out on PC (my gaming platform) I re-bought the game for PC.
    So it was around $500 to play it. Now my xbox had broken (as a lot of xbox360 "Red Ring Of Death").

    I will have to buy another F* xbox360 AGAIN to play this game and then re-buy the game when it comes out on PC? WTH I did upgraded my PC for $800 and I'll have to spend another $400 to have an xbox and the game twice (xbox and pc)???

    I used to love R*Games but now I feel disgusted by their marketting money trapt.

    A good PC is way better then any PS3 or Xbox360. I don't understand why developpers focus only on consoles.. They could do better games focusing only on PC.

    That's my opinion. And I'll have to say that I will buy it anyway because I can't wait a year or more to play it on PC.

  • Minecraft sniper (Guest) November 10, 2012
    Spring is not to far away
  • Sam (Guest) November 06, 2012
    It's a bad week to be a PC gamer.
  • lexprez (Guest) November 02, 2012
    Just pre ordered this bad boy can't wait for spring 2013!!!!
  • moimieoonti (Guest) November 02, 2012
    R* marketing techniques aren't the most customer-friendly..
  • GijsjeLadida01 (Guest) November 01, 2012
    I hope that tomorrow, November 2 the new GTA 5 trailer comes out because then they did a year
    maybe not but yeah
  • bennett (Guest) November 01, 2012
    i hope we see a new traler soon
  • gta 5 loco taco (Guest) November 01, 2012
    Finaly!!!!! what ive been waiting for the realease date. Eventhough they dont know when in spring Im still happy that they officialy said some close to realese date.
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