Grand Theft Auto V: The Official Trailer

Posted by OptimumPx August 29, 2013 : 52 Comments : 23,523 Views


The music is "Sleepwalking" by The Chain Gang of 1974. Check out our 56 screencaps here!

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  • Ch8mp8gneCh8rlie (Guest) September 03, 2013
    @Bongalow - this trailer was good mate when you think about the pretense. its not trying to out-do the earlier trailers its solely about promotion and they've done it like a film/movie trailer. fits in with the whole cinematic, hollywood feel. just gotta buy into it man, if you saw this trailer at the movies you would think yeah am defo gonna watch that film! lets not criticise Rockstar 2 weeks before you'll be worshipping the floor they game on!
  • Ch8mp8gneCh8rlie (Guest) September 03, 2013
    defo a pump action in the bank scene
    what you guys think of the fella with glasses? does he get the intel? blueprints? staff to recruit? like the idea that some people you do jobs for will eventually 'stab you in the back' and you end up at war with them...
  • Bongalow (Guest) September 02, 2013
    Yeah, but two tanks, aren't that much new material..
    And take it easy Love Child! Of course It's going to be the game of the century, and Rockstar allways have a generally great taste in music.
    I'm talking solely about THIS TRAILER, which I thought sucked.
  • Trevor's love child (Guest) September 02, 2013
    Bongalow your an idiot the music is great in this game and it will be the biggest they've ever done so if there's nothing in there you like then I don't think gta is the game for you
  • trillion22 (Guest) September 01, 2013
    #1 game of the damn year bitches!
  • Coollizard73 (Guest) August 31, 2013
    the shotgun at the entrance of the bank robbery was actually a pump action shotgun not a sawedoff
  • GTAGreg22 (Guest) August 31, 2013
    Notice how the shotgun used in the bank entrance was so short? It's a sawed-off, probably one of the many customization options we'll have. You can probably buy a shotgun in there like that but with a normal longer barrel, then you can probably have it sawed off to make it more damaging. I believe that's what it is though, if I'm not mistaken. It looks like a sawed-off pump shotgun to me.
  • mike1871974 (Guest) August 31, 2013
    gtafreak no it's definitely a plane it's hauling ass to but it's heading towards the camera i think there's a u f o to but that's no it don't think rockstar* is willing to show us it they want us to find it on are own i have downloaded all GTA5 trailers to my PS3 got a real good look.
  • death skulls (Guest) August 30, 2013
    they better have good music in the game
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