GTA 5 Hawaii Fake Screenshots

Posted by Psy May 09, 2011 : 12 Comments : 22,551 Views

A number of (almost definitely) fake screenshots of GTA 5 Hawaii have been released through a member called GTALeaker on the website (credit to zerzaahdd on the forums).

We're 99% sure these images are fakes, mainly because of the over-used fan art for the GTA V logo. I personally find it EXTREMELY unlikely that Rockstar will use pretty much the same font as they did for the GTA IV logo, so any images created with this fan artwork logo are almost definitely fake. It is a good effort though, despite the blur that makes it almost impossible to see what's going on. Not only that, but I managed to easily find the original image that was used for the background of the logo screenshot, found at:

If you've created, or found any fake GTA 5 screenshots, or even discovered some real GTA V screenshots (as if!) then please get in contact with us.

GTA 5 Hawaii Logo

GTA 5 Hawaii Fake

GTA 5 Hawaii Fake

Comments (12)

  • Frankie (Guest) August 24, 2011
    I think a LA/Hawaii GTA would be awesome... Imagine missioning it out on a boat or airplane to get there, have a house with a view on the side of a volcano

    SURFING MINIGAME!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A Person (Guest) July 02, 2011
    I think GTA V should take place on all 7 islands and you should be able to create an name your own character(skin color, shoes and boots, hats,etc.),I have been to Oahu and it'd be fun to go to like Schofield (I Lived there before) and visit my old house or something...
  • Marney1 (Guest) May 10, 2011
    Someone thought it was a R* site? :D
  • TreeFitty (Guest) May 09, 2011
    the website belongs to "KiKi Tours LLC" and their twitter account "fvhawaii" is just spamming people. They own quite a few spammy websites. It is not Rockstar Games (@VZ leak) it is just a spam site like any other "freethis" or "deals on that" wesites littered all over the internet.
  • TF (Guest) May 09, 2011
    *face palm*
  • Marney1 (Guest) May 09, 2011
    Anyone entered the Sweepstakes?
  • VG Leaks (Guest) May 09, 2011
    Here is the Who.Is for this website

    Expiration Date: 2019-11-08
    Creation Date: 2009-11-08
    Last Update Date: 2010-05-21

    It has been up for almost two years and it has not been updated, this could be a world breaking GTA V leak here. Whoever found that image original source is telling us something.

    That image was uploaded to the site August 2010.

    It is not that unreasonable to think R* is in Hawaii taking thousands of photos for research on the game.

    I'm going to do a spider crawl on that website and see if I can toll anything out of it.
  • bOnEs (Guest) May 09, 2011
    funny, didn't i just mention the possibility of a GTA hawaii like a week ago on the last article?? me thinks the leaker lurks here...
  • VG Leaks (Guest) May 09, 2011
    That website is not up yet, it says coming soon at

    This could be very interesting. Nico is almost certainly in one of the photos. What if we won a vacation to Hawaii that leads him there?
  • TreeFitty (Guest) May 09, 2011

    and yeah, obvious fakes are obvious.
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