GTA 5 Mentioned In May Official Playstation Magazine

Posted by Psy May 05, 2011 : 21 Comments : 19,862 Views

In the latest Playstation Official Magazine - UK (May 2011), they discuss "the hottest leaks and teases surrounding GTA V". While this doesn't appear to be anything that we probably don't already have covered on this website, the fact the official PlayStation magazine are running with this could mean we're getting close to hearing something official soon. Perhaps at E3?

View more details at the Playstation Official Magazine - UK Blog and if you get this magazine, please let us know what it says. Scans or photos would be perfect.

Official Playstation Magazine UK May 2011

Comments (21)

  • thurlbread410 (Guest) July 08, 2011
    i think hawaii wouldn't be a good place for gta5 because hawaii is small they should just put all the states in gta5 from around the country or even other countrys like Russia/canada/Italy/and mexico.
  • thurlbread410 (Guest) July 08, 2011
    you should be able to buy mansions/land/stores/airplanes/stores/guns shops/casinos/and car shops and be a boss and hire people to work for you and if they not doing what they suppose to do you fire them and you can also make millions of dallars that sounds like a brilliant idea i someone got to agree with me on that and you can do drug trafficking and kill other bosses and take over their businesses.
  • thurlbread410 (Guest) July 07, 2011
    im just saying it should be links to different states around the country so everyone won't be arguing about what city gta5 should be in that should be the easy way so what so hard about that.
  • thurlbread410 (Guest) July 07, 2011
    They should find out away to have links to different states around the country maybe that will be the big idea and also create your own character or even create characters to put in your street gang but carl johnson/cj should still be the main character in gta5 but this time should have 2 sons plus more missions just to make it more instustead and you should be able to buy mansions/land/and stores.
  • readthis (Guest) July 01, 2011
    the release date for gta 5 is between the 16/01/12 and the 18/01/12. following this link and look at the top of the sheet and then compare to LA Noire.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) May 29, 2011
    Since no actual news came of it, I think we can assume there wasn't anything worth posting.
  • TheRealPaulGiamatti (Guest) May 21, 2011
    so did anyone check this out?
  • ViceMan (Guest) May 08, 2011
    Shit! You heard me?! *whimpers* Ok s-s-sir, i'll do whatever y-y-you say.
  • Dog The Bounty Hunter (Guest) May 08, 2011
    I hear you ViceMan, I hear ya dude!
  • ViceMan (Guest) May 07, 2011
    Wow, secret games! GTA V! As if we never knew it was coming... And i'm with the Hawaii idea, it'd be like Vice City without being Vice City. You heard me.
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