GTA 5 On Wii U? Strauss Zelnick Is Skeptical

Posted by TreeFitty via Marney1 June 18, 2012 : 13 Comments : 40,218 Views

One of the ongoing Grand Theft Auto V debates is not really about which platform is better but more about Nintendo's Wii U and whether or not it will get GTA V. We've doubted the idea and now a big name with a big say is weighing in.

GTA 5 Wii U

CEO of Take-Two (Rockstar's parent company) Strauss Zelnick has doubts about Mature rated games on the Wii U. Gamasutra posted some of Zelnick's advice on the gaming industry. He is excited to take on the new console with a lineup of family titles but doesn't see it fit for everything:

"We haven't announced anything," says Zelnick on the possibility of moving the company's mature titles onto the Wii U. "I'm skeptical."


"For a company like ours, it's a great opportunity," he says. "[New console launches] separate the winners from the losers -- and we fully expect to be one of the winners."

For those with no patience that have been crying over the wait between GTA releases, Zelnick also talks about yearly releases of titles:

"I don't aim to annualize our non-sports titles because I think you run the risk of burning out the consumer -- even if its very high quality [product]," he says. "Some of our competitors have had this trajectory where they extract a lot of value and the IP goes away. We're trying really hard to build permanent IP. And if you have to rest the title for a few years, over time you'll extract more value. ... We're not trying to create something good and market the hell out of it. We're trying to delight customers with something great -- and market hell out of it."

We couldn't agree more! Let us know what you think in the comments below and for those who are cool enough to be members join the GTA V forum discussion about the Wii U here.

Comments (13)

  • TreeFitty (Guest) October 21, 2012
    A game that takes more than one Blu-ray would be too big for its own good at this point.
  • Nikos Dad (Guest) October 20, 2012
    I think the wii u will be a good console but not for gta v.Gta V will push the consoles to there limit. I wouldnt be suprised if it took like 2 discs for ps3 and 8 for xbox cause rockstar games like la noire have taken over 1 disc before
  • pimpben (Guest) September 20, 2012
    that would be awesome if it was on wii u be so happy
  • TreeFitty (Guest) August 05, 2012
    The release date never changed. There was never one to begin with and still isn't one.
  • Captain Rainbow (Guest) August 05, 2012
    if GTA V isnt on the Wii u, ill be surprized. So many hardcore thrd prty titles are coming to it- Ubisoft's Rayman Legends, ZombiU, Ghost Recon Online and Assassins Creed 3, EA's future Battlefield games (i think theyve confirmed it) and their sports games, WB's Batman Armored Edition, and Treyarchs not-confirmed-but-highly-hinted Black Ops II. Rock* would be fools to not port over their biggest franchise. Especially since they hav changed the release date to at least March 2013, so they can see how well the Wii U does (and if sales are like the Wii, theyd have to). If they dont port it over, theyd be losing a great amount of profit from a demographic that hasnt seen a GTA game since the DS version
  • TreeFitty (Guest) July 13, 2012
    Pretty much what the previous guy said. The PSP (and Wii) is small. Rockstar wouldn't shrink a massive game for it. They are pushing the consoles as far as they'll go, not cutting back.
  • To the guy below me (Guest) July 12, 2012
    a game like this needs a LOT of power, there is a reason consoles and gaming computers aren't the size of a PSP, it's because they need that kind of room for huge graphics cards and motherboards, PSP's and Wii's simply can't keep up with that, or anywhere near it, so if this does come out on them, it will be really really shitty quality
  • justtobeclear (Guest) July 12, 2012
    sorry, i am a total noob at this. would it being on the wii or even the psp, affect the size of the game? i mean, would rock* have to make the game smaller so it will give the wii and psp users the same experience of the game is those on a console?
  • Marcus (Guest) June 19, 2012
    Where's OstrichBoy!

    Anyway, as I said on the forum it's extremely hard to suddenly change your brand image completely, especially since the Wii was the most purchased console of the current generation. That's like the PS4 and next Xbox selling only kid friendly games; no one would want or expect that.
  • gtagrl (Guest) June 19, 2012
    "We're trying to delight customers with something great..."

    I look forward to being delighted. GTA V is worth waiting for. But I think if you're waiting to see it on Wii U, you'll be waiting a long time.
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