GTA V Rated Mature

Posted by OptimumPx July 31, 2013 : 45 Comments : 24,564 Views

With only around a month and a half to go until release day Rockstar has finally confirmed Grand Theft Auto V's rating!

To absolutely no one's surprise it's rated M for Mature.

The game is officially rated Mature based on:
  • Intense Violence
  • Blood and Gore
  • Nudity
  • Mature Humor
  • Strong Language
  • Strong Sexual Content
  • Use of Drugs and Alcohol


The Australian Classification Board has also given Grand Theft Auto an R18+ rating. Aussies will be happy to know that the game is uncut. You can see details about the rating here. The BBFC and PEGI have not yet issued ratings but they should be up very soon. Stay tuned.

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Comments (45)

  • Nemesis!! (Guest) September 12, 2013
    First thing ill do is kill animals and all the old people i see
  • gtafan (Guest) September 02, 2013
    first thing i am going to do s drive to the top on the moutain and jump of without parachute haha second ride the blimp and third i am going to go behind ppl michael and hack there bank acconts :)
  • ??? (Guest) August 24, 2013
    wounder what it means by nudity :)
  • Somedude (Guest) August 11, 2013
    Find a diving boat and see if they included spear guns. Im gonna be pissed if they included subs, sharks, scuba gear and no spear gun!
  • TreeFitty (Guest) August 10, 2013
    You guys should post about your first venture in GTA V here:
  • LordZekrom (Guest) August 10, 2013
    First thing I'm going to do is kick somebody's ass with the new combat system. Then, I'm going to run over everybody I see until I blow up. Next, I'm going to shoot everything I see and run away from the cops, and finally go to one of the strip clubs and stare at polygonal boobies, just like good old GTA times.
  • charlie choo choo (Guest) August 10, 2013
    First thing im gonna do is see how high you can go in the map.....its traditional lol ive planned 7 days off of work and getting a OZ of weed putting my chair up close to the tv and im mentally gonna move to los santos lol
  • Ghostman (Guest) August 09, 2013
    First thing I am going to do is find my blimp. Fly it around then see if I can blow it up and then fall to my doom.
  • I love gta (Guest) August 09, 2013
    First thing I'm going to try on gta 5 is the new driving system.
  • Random guy (Guest) August 09, 2013
    Well I gauss most people who play run to the strip club first thing
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