GTA V Reviews - High Scores All Around

Posted by TreeFitty September 16, 2013 : 18 Comments : 16,102 Views

The reviews are in! Without posting a bunch of quotes (you'll definitely want to read some of them yourself), here's a list of GTA V reviews. This will be updated as reviews are posted...

GTA 5 Trevor on yacht

(Possible spoiler warnings)

There's plenty of new screenshots in these reviews too! We'll add them to the gallery soon but in the meantime join the discussions in the forums!

Comments (18)

  • JoJo (Guest) September 18, 2013
    The driving physics are off there is too much grip, and car crashes aren't as realistic as GTA IV. (Car wrecks are one of the main attractions to gta, lets see them get demolished!)
  • gtaaddicted (Guest) September 17, 2013
    Here's another one:
  • Omar (Guest) September 17, 2013

    i finished 20% from the checklist
    i have this game from Friday, copy for xbox 360 for 7$ only from middle east, the copy released 5 days ago

    1- Car crashes are week
    2- and there is a sound for a fast car every minute you hear it, event if you are on top of mountain, on sea, of woods far away from streets, thats wearied

    Please fix
  • Gta5lover (Guest) September 17, 2013
    Admin help plz
  • Gta5lover (Guest) September 17, 2013
    Help plz I preorders the game from play station network tow days ago it lets download 18GB which is the hole game but tell this time I am trying to start the game and a note says "content not available before the start date " Which was one hour ago any experiencing same trouble
  • roadrashh (Guest) September 17, 2013
    @AC/DC: Have you played it already?
  • AC/DC Fan (Guest) September 17, 2013
    i love this game but it's a dissapointment the driving sucks and so do the crashing physics. hope they make it better with a patch or something.
  • pop (Guest) September 16, 2013
    The Escapists review is all right, but to criticize the moral standings of protagonists in a game where the goal is to rob banks and kill people, is just moronic.
    Somebody posted in the comments:
    "All the protagonists in Breaking Bad are scumbags, and that is one of the best shows on television"

    I agree with what he was trying to say, but there are certain points where that isn't true
  • Jonty (Guest) September 16, 2013
    Looks like the Gamespot reviewer and the Escapist reviewer are going on the GTA 5 forum shit list.
  • Massacre (Guest) September 16, 2013
    One bad review amidst a dozen or more perfect scores just makes the odd man out look stupid.
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