GTA V T-shirts at Rockstar Warehouse

Posted by TreeFitty December 27, 2012 : 7 Comments : 34,816 Views

Starting today you can claim a couple of GTA V T-shirts from Rockstar Warehouse! They are available for purchase with an expected shipping date by January 7th.

V logo t-shirt

"The Grand Theft Auto V Logo Tee (pictured below) has the full-on game logo, loud and proud right on the chest - while the Grand Theft Auto V Tee (pictured above) cuts to the chase with just the V/FIVE - both constructed from soft black 100% cotton and with detailing of the Rockstar logo right below the neckline on the back. Available in both Men's and Women's sizes - let the world know what game you're fixing to play in 2013. Start repping Los Santos and pick up your sizes while they're still around."

GTA 5 Logo T-shirt

They'll go good with your Kifflom shirt! Enjoy and come join the discussions in the GTA V forums!

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