GTA V: The Official Trailer Coming Thursday Aug. 29th

Posted by TreeFitty August 27, 2013 : 42 Comments : 22,672 Views

We're down to the final 3 weeks until Grand Theft Auto V releases and Rockstar has announced another trailer to arrive this Thursday, August 29th.

Update: The trailer will post at 11 AM Eastern Time US and feature epicness. You will also be able to catch it on TV Sunday during Breaking Bad too! Stay tuned and join us in the forums!

Comments (42)

  • 1990s Fan (Guest) August 29, 2013
    @bOnEs: Just like I suspected. It will also be a TV commercial!
  • DetroitGTA (Guest) August 29, 2013
    There WILL be a PC/MAC version. It will have mods. It will be awesome. Until then I will play either the ps or xbox version, whichever is "better". I WILL be happy.
  • Denis (Guest) August 29, 2013
    When the trailer comes i waited 5 hour now im live in danmark
  • PC SUCKS! (Guest) August 29, 2013
    Im tired of all of you guys asking for the PC version... shut up and buy a fu"#$ ps3 or xbox 360
  • BlackWolfx8109 (Guest) August 29, 2013
    I hope there will be fishing, That's the last feature I wanna see
  • pc (Guest) August 29, 2013
    I just hope that it comes on PC , what an amazing game
  • Gta5 police (Guest) August 29, 2013
    Love gta5 and this website can't wate
  • Robin... LOL (Guest) August 29, 2013
    @Batman. I was thinking the same thing. If this is a TV commercial to persuade the general public to buy the game, I'm only expecting a short, somewhat basic (info wise) trailer. I hope you and I are wrong, but I don't think so.
  • Batman (Guest) August 28, 2013
    does anyone expect more than a 30 sec to 1 min TV commercial with just the basic info we already know?
  • bOnEs (Guest) August 28, 2013
    @1990s Fan - i can't confirm that, but my guess is they will use elements from it, sure...
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