GTA V Trailer To Launch At Noon On November 2nd

Posted by Psy October 26, 2011 : 21 Comments : 19,244 Views

Rockstar have updated their website with a news article similar to their GTA V announcement yesterday. In it is nothing but an embedded video which is counting down to the official trailer launch. The trailer is set to launch on November 2nd, 2011 at 12 PM Eastern Time according to the data available on the website, but regardless of what time it actually is where you live, here's the countdown.

Comments (21)

  • Normal Gamer :D (Guest) November 20, 2011
    also just to add they need to have a wide range of safehouses,planes and also a garage to customize your cars :))!!
  • Normal Gamer :D (Guest) November 20, 2011
    i agree with Latinmex89 entirely the only other thing that would be great is some classic cheats such as 'flying cars' and 'jet pack' they were amazing plus everyone used them so please tale our ideas into your game! :p
  • GTA OG (Guest) November 12, 2011
    It Better be nothing but gangs like on GTA San Andreas not like sims
  • Latinmex89 (Guest) November 11, 2011
    hell yea i knew the game was gona take place in san andreas but just more refined. this is what we have always wanted from a gta game, the open world out there, the desert, countryside and the city. i bet it will be the best game frm all gta just like the 1st san andreas on PS2. Here we come Vinewood again, HELL YEA!!!!!!!!!!
  • Goldenboy-fan (Guest) November 06, 2011
    fuck yeah this game is gonna be bomb as fuckkkk can't wait for this plus its west coast :)
  • douglasas (Guest) November 05, 2011
    boe fixe
  • TreeFitty (Guest) November 03, 2011
    They aren't going to recycle an old map. If Rockstar is going to redo a city, they are going to redo it completely.
  • Sen (Guest) November 02, 2011
    Looks like San Andreas, only more refined graphics makes it harder to say whether we're going to see expansion of it or will it be recycling of all GTA map.
    Either way let us burn 1 year from now, our salvation will be end 2012
  • FernieStylesz. (Guest) November 02, 2011
    Ive been looking everywhere for It. ICant Find It All iFind is that it has is a countdown that has 4 Days 11 Hours & blah blah blah.
    Send me A Link?
  • pavan (Guest) November 02, 2011
    hey!! wer is it???
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