GTA V: Asked & Answered

Posted by OptimumPx July 02, 2013 : 53 Comments : 20,031 Views

Do you lie awake at night, asking the big questions?

'Why are we here?' 'What's the meaning of life?' 'Will GTA V be coming out on PC?'

If you do then Rockstar is here with answers to all your questions! (Just the ones about GTA V, not the existentialist ones....duh)
They've been gathering up all of our frequently asked questions about GTA V and have chosen to answer some of them for us!

Some of the more important points are:
  • You cannot permanently kill off any of the major characters. Even if you blow up Michael while playing as Trevor when you switch back Michael will simply spawn at the local Hospital.
  • There are "many" small towns in Blaine County.
  • The normal edition of the game will contain a paper map just like other GTA games. The blueprint map just looks cooler and contains more secret information.
  • Both weapons and vehicles will be customizable.
  • The 360 edition will use two disks, but fortunately the first disk will only be used for a mandatory install (8 GB) and won't be needed again unless to reinstall.
  • The PS3 version only has one disk, and will also have an 8 GB mandatory install.
  • Other then that there will be NO difference between the two versions of the game.
  • They say that they will release the first Official Gameplay Video...Soon!
  • There will be Multiplayer information later this summer. They did say there will be better anti-cheating measures in order to make sure everyone plays fairly.
  • As of right now they still have no info for us about a PC version, and are currently "completely focused on delivering the best possible experience for the consoles people have right now."
  • As for further delays they claim, "There’s nothing to worry about [...] GTAV will be available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 17th."

Didn't see your favorite question answered? Well it's not too late! Just shoot off an email to them at [email protected]! And while you're waiting on their next Q&A session come visit us on Our Forums!

Comments (53)

  • TreeFitty (Guest) September 01, 2013
  • daniel (Guest) September 01, 2013
    will u have to refuel ur vehicals in gta 5
  • gta5michael (Guest) August 11, 2013
    will there be a choice of pets? and will each character get a pet? if there are wild life will there be ridable horses???
  • gta5michael (Guest) August 11, 2013
    for those who are crying about only having a 4gb buy a usb memory stick for like 50bucks for like a 64gb i use mine as a storge to watch my films on my xbox games can also be saved on them cheap ass hos
  • Jiggle Pillow (Guest) August 11, 2013
    since its almost time for gta 5 to come out will there be a chance gta on multiplayer could have lcpdfr
  • Daltondunit (Guest) August 01, 2013
    if you have the 4gb system you can download the install on a flasdrive just make sure the flashdrive is 16gb incase the install is over 8gb
  • Gamesfreak (Guest) July 31, 2013
    i just hope theres cheat code that can be use for gta v /: its cool to have cheat codes..
  • JJ Kash (Guest) July 31, 2013
    8GB its worth it. But damn the space is crazy. I may have to delet some things like Call of duty shit. I never really liked the game any ways. GTA is my child hood and I will be damned if I don't play GTA 5, in fact its the only GTA I didn't play yet.
  • perez224 (Guest) July 27, 2013
    will there be jetpacks?, monster trucks, go karts, golf cars, grove street?.... that would be cool
  • Firepuppy1 (Guest) July 26, 2013
    i think what everyone wants to know is will you port the game to PS4 because im selling my PS3 to buy a PS4 and would love to play GTA 5
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