GTAO: San Andreas Mercenaries Now Available

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Team up with some of Los Santos’ most daring guns-for-hire and take back the city in GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries. Lead the fight against Merryweather Security’s forces as one of the Los Santos Angels and engage in explosive guerilla operations while conducting high-stakes, high-flying raids all across the state.

Charlie Reed’s got an impressive résumé — beyond his work as an aircraft mechanic in the Hangar, he’s an ex-military operator with significant experience assisting in various Heists around Los Santos over the years. He’s also been working on a plan called Project Overthrow — a multipronged attack on Merryweather Security to knock them well and truly off their perch.

The way Charlie sees it, Merryweather have amassed enough defense contracts, illegal R&D, and good old-fashioned criminal rackets that ripping them off in a series of high-flying schemes is a win-win scenario for him and your smuggling operation. Project Overthrow features six new missions for 1–4 players that will put your mercenary skills to the ultimate test: conducting reconnaissance, recovering valuable equipment, performing audacious rescues, and fighting your way through the teeth of Merryweather’s well-oiled war machine.

Project Overthrow is launched from the new Operations Terminal upgrade for the Mammoth Avenger, available at Warstock Cache & Carry.

Also initiated from the new Operations Terminal, the Los Santos Angels can take on three private contracts in daring LSA Operations. Each of these presents an opportunity to acquire an Outfit for first-time completion and rotate through optional bonus objectives with each replay for an additional pay bump.

These include jumping out of a chopper and onto the deck of an aircraft carrier under cover of darkness, calling in a bombing run, and using an EMP blast to knock out a government installation. LSA Operations can also be launched by calling Charlie directly from your iFruit after your Operations Terminal has been installed.

It’s a new day for smuggling operations, as Hangar properties are being upgraded to host a suite of new abilities and features. A fully equipped Hangar can now store and customize the Avenger, as well as upgrade your personal arsenal with an Mk II Weapons Workshop.

Charlie’s ex-military associates have also taken to hanging out around the Hangar: Ask dishonorably discharged helicopter pilot and recent Los Santos Angels recruit Rooster McCraw to source cargo for a small fee.

You’ll also find free Snacks and Weapon pickups around the property to help you prepare for any fight ahead, and those looking to sharpen their skills at Flight School will find a convenient access point added inside the Hangar.

Four new Source Missions have been added to the Free Trade Shipping Co. on the Hangar laptop alongside three new Sell Missions — all for smugglers who prefer the driver’s seat to the cockpit. Perform deep sea dives, oust private militaries, and more in this expansive update to the Air Freight Cargo business by choosing the Land option when launching.

New Avenger Upgrades
The utility of the Mammoth Avenger has expanded in a big way. Owning a Facility (or Hangar) is no longer required to own and operate an Avenger, which can be called out to your location via the Services section of the Interaction Menu. Those who do own a Hangar with a Workshop will be able to customize their sky fortress with new mil-spec upgrades, including front-facing machine guns and missiles, as well as a Stealth Module or a Missile Lock-On Jammer that can be activated while on autopilot.

The Operations Terminal is an interior upgrade that unlocks access to Project Overthrow and the LSA Operations detailed above. This can be purchased directly from Charlie in the Hangar, or when customizing your Avenger in the Charlie Upgrades menu. If you’re down to join the fight but don’t yet own a Hangar, the Operations Terminal can be purchased when upgrading the Avenger on the Warstock Cache & Carry website.

Another exciting new upgrade available for the Avenger is the Mammoth Avenger Thruster. If you’ve left your mobile sky base on Autopilot high above the city but you’re stranded on the ground, simply call the Mammoth Avenger Thruster directly to your location using the Interaction Menu. When nearing the rear cargo bay of the Avenger, hit D-pad right to dock inside.

Grotti Itali GTO Stinger TT
The Grotti Itali GTO Stinger TT (Sports) comes equipped with an illustrious pedigree, built on a bedrock of exotic cool and decades of Italian innovation — it’s the next generation of imported luxury, and it’s available now from Legendary Motorsport and the Luxury Autos showroom.

Bring your Grotti Itali GTO Stinger TT up to code by visiting Imani in the Agency Vehicle Workshop and outfitting it with Armor Plating, Slick Mines, Remote Control Unit, and a Missile Lock-On Jammer.

Maibatsu MonstroCiti
The Maibatsu MonstroCiti’s (Off-Road) reputation already precedes it by several thousand miles. It’s a family-friendly SUV that leads a double life as a sporty competitor capable of summiting any and all terrain in its path. It was a cult classic in Japan for years, and now it’s destined to find its way into the hearts of local drivers in no time flat.

Pick up a Maibatsu MonstroCiti from Southern San Andreas Super Autos or at the Luxury Autos showroom and equip it with Imani Tech upgrades like the Remote Control Unit and a Missile Lock-On Jammer.

More New Vehicles
Additional new vehicles have been added with today’s update, ranging from the boxy off-road brawn of the Declasse Walton L35 and Vapid Ratel, to the stealth capable F-160 Raiju fighter jet, Mammoth Streamer216 propeller plane, and more.

And coming next week, look forward to the next generation of the Bravado Buffalo as the EVX hits showroom floors. Plus, all limited-time vehicles from Los Santos Drug Wars — the Weeny Issi Rally, Toundra Panthere, Karin Hotring Everon, and Willard Eudora — have now been added for general sale.

Meanwhile, many lesser-used vehicles have been removed from dealership websites to streamline the shopping experience … these will occasionally be made available in other ways, including at The Diamond Casino & Resort’s Lucky Wheel.

New Weapon: Tactical SMG
The new Tactical SMG is the pinnacle of sidearm technology: fully automatic, oversized magazine, drive-by capable, and devastatingly powerful. Pick one up from the Gun Van and feel the weight of the future in the palm of your hand.

And More...
This update also brings rebalances to the in-game economy, experiential upgrades based on extensive player feedback, expansive updates to the Creator, and the new Career tab in the Pause menu on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S used for charting your progress through GTA Online’s multitude of criminal pursuits. See the full title update notes to learn more.

Later this summer, keep an eye out for new vehicles and dynamic events unfolding in Freemode with the return of Armored Van robberies. Plus, take part in a large-scale battle on Cayo Perico in just a few short weeks.

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