Happy St. Patrick's Day, Only 6 Months To Go!

Posted by TreeFitty and bOnEs March 17, 2013 : 14 Comments : 14,803 Views

Happy St. Patrick's Day from all of us at iGTA5.com and a friendly reminder that the clock is ticking down! Grand Theft Auto V is now only half a year away.

Packie says Ireland and dollars are green
Although Packie was confirmed to not be in GTA V, other family members could still return.

We're certain Rockstar Games will break their silence soon but when is still up in the air. The major marketing campaign should kick off in June but that doesn't mean we won't get new screens or info between now and then. Rockstar Games is absent from any PAX East listing but there's still a chance they can steal the show from the outside. We'll see...

Anyway, enjoy the holiday and remember to hail a cab if you need to! Also don't forget to pre-order GTA 5 from the many online retailers listed and come join the discussions in the forums.

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