Have You Entered Our GTA 5 Release Date Competition?

Posted by Psy November 22, 2011 : 98 Comments : 17,577 Views

On October 30th we launched a competition to guess the release date for GTA 5. If you get it right, you stand a chance of winning a copy of the game once it's released. Because we've still had no official GTA 5 release date announcement from Rockstar Games, the competition is still running!

So far we've had over 620 entries, but there are still a few dates in 2012 which haven't yet been taken. If you want to enter it's completely free, all you need to do is Register on our website, then Login and visit the GTA 5 Release Date Competition page to submit your prediction.

Full terms and conditions can be found in the original news post and on the competition page, but please remember:
  • Strictly ONE entry per person. People who enter twice using different accounts will be disqualified.
  • You're guessing the original release date for the game. If the game launches in different countries at different times, we need the date of the FIRST launch.
  • The date format you need to enter is MM/DD/YYYY. If you enter the wrong date format, you won't win.
  • You are responsible for checking your date before submitting it. Once you click submit, it's final and can't be changed. Don't enter 1986 as the release date like one person did unless you don't want to win ;)
  • If more than one person chooses the correct date, a random draw will take place from all correct entrants to determine the winner.
  • Also remember, this competition is not affiliated with Rockstar Games in any way.
We also have a forum topic where you can discuss your entry and see which dates others have picked.

Good Luck!

Comments (98)

  • MeganM0002 (Guest) August 21, 2012
    Friday, April 19, 2013
  • ryan mayon (Guest) June 10, 2012
  • AS Abhi (Guest) May 21, 2012
    I want to suggest all of you that we have not to write the comment.....You have to go to competition page and select date ,,,then submit
  • Fernando Batista (Guest) May 08, 2012
    well duh im a kid im 16 and i know when GTA5 comes out n i have the count down of Hitman the game Metal Gear Rising and GTA5 so when i checked the count down it said 283 days plus yesterday i was at Gamestop and i checked the chart for wen Hitman is coming out and im sure GTA5 comes out in 1/1/2013 because thats the right day of the release of GTA5 and im a kid and smart so i might win this game GTA5 n good luck guys peace out lol
  • Asprious (Guest) March 29, 2012
    september 18th 2012
  • Wonka9944 (Guest) March 27, 2012
    GTA 5 will be released "October 23, 2012" because "most"(not all GTA games), are released in October... That's my final answer.
  • Guest (Guest) March 26, 2012
  • thecooldude89 (Guest) March 19, 2012
    23rd november 2012
  • TS4L03 (Guest) March 14, 2012

    -it would be nice if it is on may 24th, but thats when max payne comes out.
  • I'm a (Guest) March 10, 2012
    you idiots, it's not coming out in may! Sooo stupid. That 5/24/12 crap is just an Easter egg. It's Sam housers birthday. My guess is that it's coming out July-November. Hate my comment all you want. All I have to say is haterz gonna hate! I'm really not in the competition admin, just clarifying things for morons.
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