HHGS: CJ To Return in GTA V, Rockstar Expanding Choices Too

Posted by TreeFitty May 03, 2011 : 11 Comments : 44,714 Views

Some very interesting news from HipHopGamerShow.com highlights their talks with Christopher Bellard aka Young Maylay who you might know better as CJ in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The voice of the San Andreas protagonist revealed to HHGS that he is working on a script for the next Grand Theft Auto and that Rockstar may be expanding the choice system beyond "kill one or the other". HHGS also speculates about the upgraded, full-body MotionScan being used in the next GTA.

A brief overview of the good part of the video:
Start ~9:40
~10:10"GTA SA best"
~11:00 Young Maylay working on script for GTA project, doubt CJ is main protagonist
~11:40 CJ to assist in certain missions?
~12:35 More news this year.
~13:10 Motion scan getting better, full body detail
~13:30 Speculation: GTA with MotionScan
~13:40 Speculation: GTA may feature more choices, possibly in cutscenes, similar to Mass Effect and others
End ~15:30

So there you have it. We have speculated already about CJ making an appearance on the GTA 5 character page here. Let us know what you think in the comments below and in the GTA 5 forums! Thanks to our friends RockstarSpy for the heads up!

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  • jakendaville (Guest) August 19, 2011
    Man i hope this truns out to be true.. The full motion bodyscan sound crazy... I just hope to see somthing from rockstar soon at the latest by the end of this year, but the more time it takes will mae a better game... Also i thought GTA 4 was a good game but the the online was shitty like they rushed it hope they dont do that with GTA 5.....
  • AbdQud (Guest) August 14, 2011
    i think next generation game will be big graphics brand new city new tech and more cant wait
  • Pyrocy (Guest) May 12, 2011
    Nice to see Dungpeal's vintage stuff being repped on there.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) May 05, 2011
    As stated, the source was the guy who voiced CJ in San Andreas. That was for the first couple points. After he talked about MotionScan getting better I'm pretty sure that last stuff wasn't from his conversation with the guy and why I listed those last two points as "Speculation".
  • Someone (Guest) May 05, 2011
    I'd like to know the video's sources... The gangsta guy keeps saying "an so i heard this and that and apparently this and that", doesn't sound like legitimate information... Just my 2 cents!
  • XXIV (Guest) May 03, 2011
    oh, my bad
  • @XXIV (Guest) May 03, 2011
    No, that was Michael 'Shagg' Washington.
  • XXIV (Guest) May 03, 2011
    did this Young Mayley guy just sue rockstar or something, cause if he is the one who did, why would they use him again after suing them?
  • TwoFacedTanner (Guest) May 03, 2011
    Interesting. If it is San Andreas stories...I hope it will be on the current-gen consoles. I hate when they produce serious games for handhelds. Such a waste of time.
  • Big Smoke (Guest) May 03, 2011
    Full motion BodyScan? Release date 2015 then?
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