High Life this Month, 2x GTA$ & RP Today-Tomorrow

Posted by TreeFitty May 02, 2014 : 6 Comments : 9,447 Views

With the High Life DLC due sometime this month, Rockstar is offering double GTA$ and double RP today and tomorrow in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Starting today and ending tomorrow night at midnight Eastern, all Jobs and activities in GTA Online will earn you twice as much GTA$ and RP including:

  • Races
  • Deathmatch & Team Deathmatch
  • Capture
  • Last Team Standing
  • Survival
  • Missions
  • Parachuting
  • Gang Attacks
  • Hold Ups
  • Import Export
  • Losing Wanted Level

Enjoy and join us in the forums!

Comments (6)

  • its true (Guest) May 07, 2014
    guest did you read it properly it said this month not its out now
  • TWISTEDKNICKERS (Guest) May 06, 2014
    I don't know why everyone got they knickers in a twist. sooo many negative comments..
    It's an amazing game, and R* update the game regularly, keeping the game interesting with fixes and new (FREE) content. There's never been an open-world, online game like this before. It's a massive achievement, even if it's a bit buggy. The way people are talking and moaning, I don't know why they play the game. It's supposed to be an enjoyable experience. Remember, it's just a game!!

    P.S. What is the difference between a 'Heist' and a normal 'job', say 'Diamonds are for Trevor'?
  • Guest (Guest) May 06, 2014
    That's not true.
    Rockstar hasn't relesed the update yet.
  • Ducktales (Guest) May 04, 2014
    Thank You for that Rockstar. Im sure since everyone kept doing the rooftop rumble mission over n over for $37500 im sure everyone is a millionair by now. We are ready for some high life dlc stuff now. Thank You. ps. iv lost count on how many times iv done that mission in the last 2 days-90 times im guessing.
  • I dont no (Guest) May 03, 2014
    Nice game
  • Massacre (Guest) May 02, 2014
    "Sometime this month"

    Great. This will drop on Watch_Dogs' release date, I'm sure.
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