Howard NX-25 Now Available

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Who says you have to choose between form and function? With the Buckingham Howard NX-25 you don't have to. The Howard NX-25 combines all the classic beauty of the golden age of aviation with utterly blistering performance. Pick up this stunner from Elitás Travel in GTA Online today — your only regret will be that someday you have to land.

Now through October 2nd, there's plenty of opportunity to fatten up that in-game wallet and climb the ranks in the process. Continue to earn big with extended Double GTA$ & RP in Bombushka Run - and if you're looking for some good old fashioned subterranean combat, reap double rewards on all Bunker-based Adversary Modes.

Also through October 2nd, Biker Business Production and Bunker Research & Manufacturing will be running 25% faster than usual, giving you more bang for your buck as you trade your way to the top.

Get high on your own supply with the following aviation-based discounts, now through October 2nd:

• LSIA Hangar 1 – 15% off
• Fort Zancudo Hangar A2 – 25% off
• Hangar Floor Graphics & Lighting – 25% off
• Savage (Helicopter) – 35% off (both Buy it Now and Trade Price)
• Buckingham Swift (Helicopter) – 35% off (both livery models)
• Buckingham Swift Deluxe (Helicopter) – 40% off
• Parachutes (including Bags & Smoke Trails) – 25% off

Bring yourself back down to earth with 25% off the following land vehicles:

• Annis RE-7B (Super)
• Western Nightblade (Motorcycle)
• Principe Lectro (Motorcycle)

Fast track your way to the big money with this week's Premium Race & Time Trial events, now through October 2nd:

• Premium Stunt Race - "Wall Climb" (locked to Super)
• Time Trial - "Vinewood Bowl"

Launch Premium Races through the Quick Job App on your in-game phone or via the yellow corona at Legion Square. The top three finishers will earn GTA$ and you'll get Triple RP regardless of where you place. To take a shot at the Time Trial, set a waypoint to the marker on your in-game map and enter via the purple corona. Beat par time and you'll be duly rewarded with GTA$ & RP payouts.

Enjoy and hit up the forums!

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