IGN GTA V Blowout Next Week

Posted by TreeFitty via SNIP3R November 10, 2012 : 28 Comments : 23,360 Views

On the heels of Game Informer's GTA V preview, IGN has announced that they will have an action-packed week of Grand Theft Auto V material starting on Monday along with other gaming media.


"Starting Monday, November 12th, IGN will have a slew of exclusive GTA V content hitting every single day, all week long. From our first impressions of the first mission and the inner-workings of three playable characters, to the gigantic scope of the re-imagined city of Los Santos, you can read about it and watch it all first, right here."

Sounds good. Other media outlets may also have previews beginning Monday so stay tuned. The GTA V marketing campaign has begun! Join us in the GTA 5 forums! Thanks to SNIP3R for the heads-up!

Comments (28)

  • Fu shiz mu niz (Guest) November 30, 2012
    It actually quite shockens me, The limit of cousin voucabulary that people have used to express there feeling for this otherwise personally highly anticipated masterpiece of a sexy game
  • Faisal (Guest) November 13, 2012
    I wait this game 2 years meaby and this game will be the best game
    I hope there is co-op in the game .

    1day left to the trailer .
  • Iffi khan (Guest) November 11, 2012
    i am waiting
    for this
  • Faisal (Guest) November 11, 2012
    I wait for this game years i was watch the trailer too much and replay it i wish the game be the best game in the world and i wish get it from the first time .

    3 days left to the trailer (:
  • jeremiah (Guest) November 11, 2012
    2 more days till tralier 2 comes out ...... cant wait

    New Zealand
  • moimieoonti (Guest) November 11, 2012
    Looks like Christmas comes early this year
  • javier gta forever (Guest) November 11, 2012
    give me a like if this game were so excited to know more about him and other like content and if you buy this game
  • Craig Sansum (Guest) November 10, 2012
    the thought of Monday being soon made me feel down but damn this cheered me up cant wait!
  • austrian_fan (Guest) November 10, 2012
    nice. with mountains like in austria :))
  • IIx_WH3L4N_xII (Guest) November 10, 2012
    They've said "Spring 2013", they could of thought of April buy delay it to May without even telling us.

    they seem ahead on this game so hopefully no delay. If there is it will be to make the game perfect, so I don't mind.
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