IGN Interviews GTA V Producer Leslie Benzies

Posted by OptimumPx and JamieMilne November 13, 2012 : 12 Comments : 19,085 Views

It's day two of IGN's GTA V Week, and today's big releases are two new screens and an exclusive IGN interview with GTA V Executive Producer Leslie Benzies!

Onward to Downtown
Official HD image added January 4, 2013
A few things stood out in this interview:
  • Jets (and other planes presumably) will be hard to come by in early parts of the game, but can be gotten if you can get past airport security.
  • Several missions will be more freeform then in past GTA games. You'll be allowed a lot more freedom in deciding on how to proceed in completing them.
  • Weapons will be a little different this time, as they don't want to give you too much too soon. But by the end of the game you'll have built up "a satisfying arsenal."
  • Animals will have actual uses in the game, i.e guard dogs keeping you out of certain areas.

Michael rappels down
Official HD image added January 4, 2013

Don't forget that the Second GTA V Trailer comes out tomorrow! Check it out here, and talk about this (and other GTA V information) in our forums!

Comments (12)

  • stevenstadick (Guest) November 14, 2012
    also Tennis and golf sounds kinda fun to me
  • GTA V all the way (Guest) November 14, 2012
    I just hope your dog is able to ride along on the passenger seat and you can release your dog on pedestrians
  • grunt4life (Guest) November 14, 2012
    Kinda curious about the weapons specs. I'd love being able to manipulate 2 SMG's at the same time, like in GTA SA. Weapons should also have mods and other upgrades. A bigger mag, red dot, scope, improved fire rate,... stuff like that. Maybe some more variety in ammo types as well. Hollow point, armor piercing and incendiary rounds would surely add another dimension to this new GTA chapter
  • HAJA (Guest) November 14, 2012
    I woke up today and was like, "hmm. I haven't checked the gta site in a few days." and then I jumped up and said, "oh my god it's Wednesday!" then I came on here and there's so much information my head is about to explode! Good day. :)
  • Extreme Gaming (Guest) November 14, 2012
    where is Hunter helicopter from GTA SA...that helli is awesome...
  • EthanLatifi (Guest) November 14, 2012
    *fapfapfapfap* Keep the info coming.
  • carl0s (Guest) November 13, 2012
    Keen On the more interactive animals.. Getting better and better ;)
  • SNIP3R (Guest) November 13, 2012
    from what iv'e been hearing so far from R*, i'd say this is really going to be worth the $60+
  • francisjairam146 (Guest) November 13, 2012
    This game is going to be AWESOME! 20 times better than GTA 4
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