IGN on GTA V: Sum of all Peers

Posted by TreeFitty September 05, 2013 : 3 Comments : 12,778 Views

We all know Rockstar steps up each game they create using experience from previous titles. Red Dead Redemption built on GTA IV, GTA San Andreas built on Manhunt... wait, what? IGN looks at how Rockstar's titles have expanded certain aspects of gameplay and how those elements were used in future titles. It's an interesting read and here's some quotes:

The way in which both minor and major elements from the rest of Rockstar’s stable have snowballed inside GTA V is brilliant. The result is a GTA as you know it but spliced with the field-tested DNA from a fistful of Rockstar’s existing hits.

The effects of everything GTA V has learned from the likes of Max Payne 3, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, and Red Dead Redemption (among others) on the moment to moment gameplay is actually quite profound.


The witchcraft at work getting all these elements to play nice under one roof is a mystery and the fact that, during my several hours with the game, it was achieved with nary a technical hitch or framerate flutter to speak of is exceedingly admirable. Rockstar North associate technical director and combat designer Phil Hooker hopes gamers will immediately feel the improvements.

"We would hope that what gamers will notice overall is everything is much tighter, more consistent, more fluid and more intuitive," he says. "Pretty much every mechanic has been heavily reworked to try and make the player need to think less about the mechanics, and more about what they are doing, so that they become more immersed in the world and the situations they are in as they play."


The end result is something that, to myself, feels more "next-generation" than most the titles coming out on PS4 and Xbox One later this year. IGN UK’s Daniel Krupa will be going into more detail on this topic in the coming days but, to me, there isn’t really anything in the PS4-Xbox One launch line-ups that matches the gameplay scope displayed here in GTA V.

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  • Pugster (Guest) September 07, 2013
    So putting a nice comment a about GTAV gets a dislike ? Logic.
  • Pugster (Guest) September 05, 2013
    I think I might play all the rockstar games that I have before the release of GTAV to get me pumped and to get ready for the best game ever.
  • LordZekom (Guest) September 05, 2013
    I'm assuming GTA 5 builds on Max Payne 3, seeing the similarities between the gameplay, and the fact it was the most recent game Rockstar released.
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