IGN Preview Day 1 Breakdown

Posted by TreeFitty November 13, 2012 : 7 Comments : 25,863 Views

The database is back in business so let's catch up to the GTA 5 forums...

Along with international previews releasing today, IGN kicked off its Grand Theft Auto V Blowout Week. Today they shared their perspective of the press preview given by Rockstar Games at their NYC office.

GTA 5 Franklin on quad

Quick list of new information (beyond Game Informer):
  • Police chases among random events that happen in the world
  • Franklin works for an Armenian luxury car dealership
  • The Salton Sea area is named Alamo Sea
  • Protag switching is from a menu that displays which character is available to switch to. Camera zooms out from the current protag, pans across the map in an aerial view, and then zooms in on the chosen protag.
  • GTA V is about 5 times bigger than IV
  • Mini-map/radar displays horizon for flying
  • Switching protags during missions can make the mission play out in many different ways depending on your actions
  • All protags involved must survive missions
  • Story mission co-op is very unlikely

You can also check out the IGN staff's opinions in their Game Scoop! video here.

Official HD images added January 4, 2013

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Comments (7)

  • =/ (Guest) November 13, 2012
    @terror404 I wouldn't bet on it like they said there just working on Xbox and ps3 versions. Ya could just get an Xbox seems that the Xbox is and has got everything (or most) before anyother console / pc. Just saying like we'll all be playing Gta 5 and you'll be sat on ya pc bored wishing ya would of got a Xbox or ps3.... I predicte this comment getting a few dislikes but oh well :/
  • fanman (Guest) November 13, 2012
    i am glad they fix the database and this game is going to be king of the rest of the gta games.
  • Terror404 (Guest) November 13, 2012
    I hope they eventually post something about the pc version.
  • TheAnde300 (Guest) November 13, 2012

    Yea I think the same and i also cant wait for tomorrow! :3
  • GTAFANJack (Guest) November 13, 2012
    @ Mike

    I believe the release date is May 7th, since it's listed on Walmart's website. Not only that, but Rock* DID confirm that the release date would be in the Spring of 2013, sometime after March... I wouldn't be surprised if May 7th was the release date. Let's just see... but trailer 2 comes out tomorrow (the 14th) :D
  • mike (Guest) November 13, 2012
    The fans need a release date, its torture seeing the trailer, and all these teasers and not knowing when its released. It would be much appreciated.
  • Galembor (Guest) November 13, 2012
    On ressent la patte artistique des développeur de Red Dead Redemption , et ce n'est pas un mal ! :p
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