July DLC Roundup

Posted by TreeFitty August 01, 2018 : 0 Comments : 5,413 Views

Here's a look at all the DLC Rockstar Games has released for GTA Online the past month...

Big update is the After Hours DLC which comes with plenty of new vehicles and fun to be had!

• Dinka Jester Classic
• Mammoth Patriot Stretch
• Ocelot Swinger
• Vapid Speedo Custom
• Maibatsu Mule Custom
• MTL Pounder Custom
• Festival Bus
• Enus Stafford
• Blimp

• Nightclub Management
• Business Battles

• Los Santos Underground Radio

Stay up-to-date with the latest DLC and bonus/discount offerings on Twitter! Enjoy and hit up the forums!

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