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Check out a list of the latest GTA V previews straight from the people that saw it:


CVG | IGN | Game Informer 1 2 3 4 | Edge | Kotaku | OPM | OXM | Videogamer | GameSpot | The Telegraph

Other International Previews:
France: | | |
Germany: | | | | | | | | | | Games Aktuell | VideoGamesZone | GameZone |
Spain: 3DJuegos | Meristation | LaPS3 | HobbyConsolas | Vandal | IGN
Benelux: Insidegamer | Power Unlimited | 9lives | | Gamekings | Tweakers | IGN
Italy: | | | | | IGN
Scandinavia: | Gamereactor(DK) | Gamereactor(SE) | Gamereactor(NO)
New Zealand: Gameplanet

Among the major points are:
  • Character customization includes clothing, haircuts, and tattoos
  • Character skills/stats that can be improved
  • Special skills: Franklin - Slow-Mo Driving Trevor - Frenzy mode, double damage (think adrenaline) Michael - Bullet time
  • HUD includes bars for health, armor, and special skills. Radar is similar to a 3D GPS display. There is also a "sound cone" showing how much noise you make, which attracts enemy attention
  • Car customization at Pay 'n' Sprays is extensive, close to Midnight Club
  • Weapon customization includes clips, scopes, and flashlights
  • Buying businesses and real estate to make more money
  • Actually plan out heist missions

After you pick your jaw up off the ground, come breakdown the previews in the forums here.

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  • MickeyBlue (Guest) May 30, 2013
    Can't wait for this game so much!
    I reckon we need to think The Sopranos // The Wire // Film: Heat // Film: The Town // and along more lines like that as they are all great shows and inspirational. The bank robbery scenes in The Town are right up there with Heat, if you haven't seen it, WATCH IT. I think Poot off the Wire is the voice of Franklin, you may have read the cast and know this for a fact but I havent read that far yet. Trevor reminds me of the nutter on Independence Day but a more violent version of course. Michael has bits of Tony Soprano about him (obvious to those who have watched the Sopranos) but I think the difficulties with his son will be a bit like T and AJ's relationship but taken to the level we would have like to have seen in the Sopranos. Am talkin rubbish now but its because I'm buzzing with anticipation. Comes out the day after my bday too, told me girl about twice a day since we found out, think am gonna need me own bullet time soon #BIGKID
  • islam (Guest) May 30, 2013
  • gael (Guest) May 25, 2013
    gta v will be the greatest game of all times, and I think it will be the gam of the year, everything we wanted in a gta game is in there ROCKSTARS for life
  • trevomichafracklin (Guest) May 20, 2013
    cunado lo tenga voy ha convertir a trevor en una persona desente, ha michael en un buen padre y ha franclin en un buen mercenario
  • TreeFitty (Guest) May 04, 2013
    The quote you selected: "Each of these characters comes packing his own distinct personality and skillset – Michael is all about firearms, Franklin is a driving expert and Trevor, somehow, knows how to pilot aircraft". DYSLEXIA
  • angelblast1997 (Guest) May 03, 2013
    Aint franklin and michael inverse? Since michel is an expert driving and franki in guns. READ UNDER THE SCUBA DRIVING POCTURE
  • DuPz0r (Guest) May 02, 2013
    @greg22 - We didn't see the preview, the Game Journalists had a private viewing at R*HQ. This is exclusive to them for now. We just got second hand information from them. Still, it was very good information, so be thankful for that...
  • stevenstadick (Guest) May 02, 2013
    best quote of the day from game informer page 2 "In addition to dropping serious cash on all the weapon, car, and character customization options, players can invest heavily in toys, real estate, and businesses."
  • Faraz (Guest) May 02, 2013
    Great!!!!.....At lest money is now useful for car customization and even now the purchasable property is also confirmed.Many other cool thing too.
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