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There are a total of 50 Letter Scraps to collect in GTA V to unlock the 'A Mystery, Solved' Achievement/Trophy. These letters are available to collect right from the start of the game.

It doesn't matter which character you use to collect them. Trevor's piloting skills do come in handy on some of them so keep that in mind. So without further delay, let's get right to it!

CLICK ON THE IMAGES for a better view. And CLICK on the image to the right to see the entire map of collectibles.

Letter Scrap 1

Los Santos International Airport
Near the main entrance to the Airport, by the entrance to the train station.

Letter Scrap 2

Los Santos International Airport
You will need to get a helicopter for this one, or you can parachute in. It's on top of the structure in this location.

Letter Scrap 3

South Los Santos
This one is behind the house on Grove St with a Red Garage Door.

Letter Scrap 4

South Los Santos
On top of a garbage container at the front of the Mega Mall Parking Lot.

Letter Scrap 5

Port of South Los Santos
On top of a ship sitting in the Drydock.

Letter Scrap 6

Port of South Los Santos
On top of the shipping containers.

Letter Scrap 7

East Los Santos
This one is underneath the street, in the train tunnel. There's an entryway to the West, by the river, South of the jetski race.

Letter Scrap 8

East Los Santos
Inside a scrapped bus in the building.

Letter Scrap 9

Palomino Highlands
By the shore on the East side of the rock formation.

Letter Scrap 10

East Los Santos
Underneath the arch structure on the bridge.

Letter Scrap 11

This one is on top of the yellow crane at the construction site. Climb this extremely long set of ladders all the way to the top and use the last ladder to reach the very top. There are other ways to reach it if you're creative, but the giant ladder is guaranteed to work.

Letter Scrap 12

Under the road in between two pillars. Can't miss it.

Letter Scrap 13

Found inside one of the bowls at the skatepark.

Letter Scrap 14

Del Perro
On the 2nd floor of of the Seafood Restaurant. Use the stairs from the buiding next door.

Letter Scrap 15

Backlot City
Behind the buildings. Use the set of gray stairs to reach it.

Letter Scrap 16

Pacific Bluffs
It's on the little island in the park.

Letter Scrap 17

In the upper courtyard of the apartment complex.

Letter Scrap 18

At the construction site, in the Dugout.

Letter Scrap 19

In the Half Pipe at this location.

Letter Scrap 20

At the Northern End of the Middle section below the Bridge.

Letter Scrap 21

At the Dog Track, in the Grandstands.

Letter Scrap 22

San Chianski Mt. Range
It's on the Northern Side of the Rock Formation.

Letter Scrap 23

San Chianski Mt. Range
It's on the only Beach inside the Cave.

Letter Scrap 24

Sandy Shores
In the pool behind the Abandoned Building.

Letter Scrap 25

Grand Senora Desert
Just South of the main section of the Airstrip, on top of the Giant Rock.

Letter Scrap 26

On top of the Mill. Use the Ladder just past the Entrance Gate.

Letter Scrap 27

Great Chaparral
Behind the Road Sign.

Letter Scrap 28

Grand Senora Desert
In a Construction Site, at the center of a Silo.

Letter Scrap 29

Vinewood Hills
On top of the 'I' in the Vinewood Sign.

Letter Scrap 30

Vinewood Hills
In the outdoor lounge area by the Ping Pong Table.

Letter Scrap 31

Great Chaparral
Next to the Shack with the Giant Orange Ball.

Letter Scrap 32

Great Chaparral
Near the entrance to an Old Mine.

Letter Scrap 33

Tongva Hills
Next to Fruit Stand on the side of the Road.

Letter Scrap 34

Pacific Bluffs
It's inside the Maze. The arrow is pointing at the entrance, and the circle is where the letter is. It's pretty easy to get to when you see it from overhead.

Letter Scrap 35

Pacific Bluffs
On the Bar surrounded by a Pool.

Letter Scrap 36

Lago Zancudo
Down near the River Bank.

Letter Scrap 37

Great Chapparal
Underneath the Bridge.

Letter Scrap 38

Great Chapparal
In the Cemetery.

Letter Scrap 39

Mount Chiliad
At the bottom Western side of the Penninsula.

Letter Scrap 40

Raton Canyon
Get a Helicopter. Land on top of the Rock formation. It's on the Nothern tip.

Letter Scrap 41

Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
Next to the Antenna in the area. Watch out for the Alturist in the camp below.

Letter Scrap 42

Paleto Forest
To the North of the Mill.

Letter Scrap 43

Mount Chiliad
In between the Lifts at the top of the Mountain.

Letter Scrap 44

Paleto Bay
On the 2nd Story Deck.

Letter Scrap 45

Paleto Bay
By the Back Door of the Abandoned House.

Letter Scrap 46

Mount Chiliad
Inside 'Dignity Village', in the White Tent.

Letter Scrap 47

Mount Gordo
At the entrance to the Men's Bathroom.

Letter Scrap 48

Mount Gordo
The back of the Lighthouse, near the Jetski Race.

Letter Scrap 49

In the Middle of the 2nd Greenhouse from the North.

Letter Scrap 50

Mount Chiliad
Next to the Barn by the Pier.

After collecting all of the Letter Scraps, the entire story will be revealed in a 4 page letter and a new Mission will pop up called, "A Starlet in Vinewood", where you confront the killer.

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  • Valencia (Guest) August 12, 2017
    Take chop with you to the sights and he'll find it if ur having trouble finding the pieces
  • chocolateshoesi (Guest) June 07, 2017
    I cant find no.3
  • Keylow103nola (Guest) April 13, 2017
    Last one Cypress flats train track under where the weapon store the second firing range
  • Tim (Guest) April 05, 2017
    Both times I've gone through this mission and got to 49 scraps but missed one out... Both times the final scrap has appeared in the dried up river bed underneath the bridge on route 69, slightly West of Great Chaparral graveyard... I don't know if this is coincidence but if you get stuck on 49 I'd recommend looking here first...
  • Cookie Clutch (Guest) January 14, 2017
    I can't seem to find #14 when I started it wasn't there. And now I have 48/50, and can't find #14 and some other one. Please Help!?
  • Sgtstone (Guest) December 08, 2016
    Ive looke and looked but cant find number 46 ive found all the rest but not is it a glitch or something
  • TreeFitty (Guest) August 31, 2016
    Be sure to check out the "A Starlet in Vinewood" guide as linked above.
  • Konstantinos5m (Guest) August 30, 2016
    It's a nice guide. I found them all and killed Peter Dreyfuss. By the way: When you find them all you have to switch to Franklin.
    Dreyfuss will appear as a strangers and freaks mission on the mini map. When you get close it might disappear. Try backing up a little. Then it will appear again. Dreyfuss has a Landstalker, an SUV. It doesn't seem fast, but it is. I recommend using Franklin's Bravado Buffalo S fully modded and a sticky bomb. After killing him, you won't gain a wanted level.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) July 23, 2016
    Either you are looking next to the wrong bench or you got that one and are missing another.
  • jon (Guest) July 22, 2016
    ive got 49 out of 50 im trying to find the one thats up by the shack with the big orange it doesn't seem to be there wat should i do
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