Michael's Optional Family Missions

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Michael's family can be a headache outside of the main story of Grand Theft Auto V. Amanda, Tracey, and Jimmy end up needing Michael's assistance at certain points during the game. You can choose to complete these missions or ignore the pleas - but be warned that you'll lose quite a lot of money to make their problem go away.

These missions are not required but are inaccessible later if not completed when they happen. Note that you can delay the phone calls by not using Michael between missions. This may change where "home" is for the drop off depending on your progress with the story.

The Good Husband

This mission is available after completing the story mission Friend Request.

Michael receives a phone call from his wife Amanda. She has run into a "misunderstanding" with store security at Didier Sachs in Rockford Hills and needs Michael's help. Choose to help Amanda or let her pay for her supposed crime. If ignored she'll end up paying $5,000 of Michael's money in lawyer fees.

If accepted go to Amanda. A timer starts ticking down. When you arrive at the location a cop shuts the door on his Cruiser and walks over to talk with the store detective. Amanda is in the car. You are told to get in the cop car. When you do so you obtain a 3 star wanted level. Get rid of the cops while Amanda panics over the escalation. Once the heat is lost take Amanda home. Michael tosses Amanda handcuff keys and the two have a short discussion about the incident that just occurred. Amanda kind of admits to stealing even though they have money but reminds Michael that he's been doing illegal work of his own.

Back home she thanks Michael and walks inside.

Doting Dad

This mission is available after completing the story mission Reuniting the Family.

Michael receives a phone call from his daughter Tracey. She's noticeably upset and reveals that some guy is stalking her. She's scared and wants help from her father. Choose to help Tracey or let her figure it out. If ignored she'll end up paying $22,000 of Michael's money towards some hired thugs.

If accepted Tracey says she is at Vinewood Plaza. The guy isn't there at the moment but they can drive around to find him. Go to Tracey. Get in her car and begin searching for the stalker. First stop is the last place she saw him in front of the Hawaiian Snow shop. The stalker has a purple convertible. Go to the marker. When you arrive Tracey looks around but doesn't see him. Next stop is the motel across from the construction site. Go to the marker. Tracey says that she met the stalker at a signing - and not a petition or credit card type of signing. After reaching the location Tracey still doesn't see him. She wants to try the Cluckin' Bell at Rockford Plaza. Go to the marker. Tracey reveals that she was signing autographs at the Expo. Michael can't believe people want to meet her after the Fame or Shame video. From the sound of Tracey's voice it's obvious that isn't really the media in question.

Upon reaching Cluckin' Bell there still is no stalker. Tracey says to go up the hill to Croq-a-Hoop. When you reach the area the stalker appears behind you and drives past. Disable his car so he gets out or kill him. When he gets out he'll run. Let him go or get your hands dirty. Whatever your choice take Tracey home. She'll comment on the outcome. If you killed the stalker she'll be quite upset since she just wanted her father to talk to the guy instead of killing him. Fortunately Michael reminds her of the denial method. Problem solved.

Back home she thanks Michael and walks inside.

Parenting 101

This mission is available after completing the story mission Meltdown.

Michael receives a phone call from his son Jimmy. He's almost yelling into the phone and speaking as if he butt dialed Michael. Turns out he discreetly called his father while a group kidnaps him over internet comments. Jimmy gives his father clues as to what is happening. They are headed to Banham Canyon in a dark colored Landstalker. Choose to help Jimmy or let him learn a lesson the hard way. If ignored he'll end up paying $10,000 of Michael's money in ransom.

If accepted go to Jimmy. He'll call back to continue the conversation. He hints to his father not to kill the kidnappers - lead by a celebrity comedy writer. The writer unknowingly explains to Michael that Jimmy was trolling and harassing him online through Bleeter. Jimmy didn't count on the writer having the time or resources to track him down. Who knew online trolling would have consequences? The writer plans on severely hurting Jimmy.

Catch up to the kidnappers' car and disable it. The game tells you not to kill them. Jimmy calls again to let the writer know exactly who is behind them and how crazy he is. When the vehicle is damaged enough the writer and his team exit the SUV and make a run for it. Pick up Jimmy and take him home (actually the Richman Hotel for now). Jimmy is worried about further revenge attempts but Michael tells him not to be. Since Michael isn't up on his internet terms he questions what a "troll" is. Jimmy gives more than enough of an explanation and Michael can see how his son got into a mess.

Back at the hotel Michael tells him to stay off the internet for a while and not to wind people up. Jimmy walks inside.

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