Bury the Hatchet

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Trevor flies out to Michael's grave in North Yankton to uncover the truth about Michael - and Brad too.

Rewards: None
Protagonists: Trevor, Michael
Mission Time

Mirrors break & the smoke clears

Michael sits on his couch at home as Trevor walks in. He just wants to chat with his old friend. Michael thinks he has figured out his life. Trevor says he's a man of action who is out making scores instead of sitting on couches. Michael says he wants to make movies. They'll do this last big job and go their separate ways. This makes Trevor upset since he has nothing when Michael has it all - even though Michael is miserable. The discussion leads Trevor to ask an interesting question: Who is buried in Michael's grave? Michael says he doesn't know but Trevor gets an idea that angers him greatly so he runs out as Michael gives chase. Trevor grabs Michael's car and speeds off leaving Michael without a ride. What happens next depends on which character you enter the mission with:

  • Trevor: Drive to the Sandy Shores Airfield. Michael calls Trevor to try and turn him around but it doesn't work. Trevor calls Ron and tells him to have a plane ready. At the airfield get in the plane and fly out to North Yankton (marker out in the ocean). Upon reaching the coast Ron will message Trevor that the Chinese were asking where he's flying but Ron swears he did not tell them. Eventually the screen will go black and a title card saying "Ludendorff, North Yankton" appears. Trevor is shown in the graveyard as he starts digging up the grave of Michael Townley.
  • Michael: Grab another vehicle and go to Los Santos International Airport. Michael calls Trevor to try and turn him around but it doesn't work. Park your car in the lot and go up the stairs to the second level terminal entrance. A cutscene shows some Chinese men pull up. The leader is on the phone saying the boyfriend is at the airport and they will put people on whichever plane he gets on. Michael is then shown flying out of Los Santos. Later on Michael is driving in Ludendorff, North Yankton. You are put back in control so drive to the Ludendorff cemetery. Note the bank on your left as soon as the drive starts and later the depot on your right past the railroad tracks. The cemetery is farther along the road off the main town area. During the drive Michael's thoughts swing between his discussion with Amanda about the deal he made (prior to the North Yankton heist) and the heist itself. The deal he made with a nice guy named Dave Norton is that Michael will live and they can move to Los Santos to start over. The arrangement would come to fruition at the depot. After arriving at the cemetery go to your grave.

Myth busted

Michael walks up to Trevor and continues to tell him there's nothing there so he should stop. Trevor refuses and reaches the coffin. He breaks it open to reveal the decayed face of Brad. Michael says they were all going to die but he has a family and did what he had to do. Trevor wonders if he was supposed to be in the grave instead or better yet both Trevor and Brad. Michael says he got shot and lived. Brad got shot and died. Trevor pulls a gun on Michael who returns the gesture. Both dare the other to pull the trigger. Their standoff is interrupted by a Chinese man running up. Trevor throws his gun at Michael who fires off a couple rounds but misses Trevor as he escapes through a gate. The Chinese man says Mr. Cheng wants a word with Trevor. Michael takes cover and says they have the wrong guy. The man calls out to others and says to get the boyfriend.

Take out the enemies on your way to the car. They are scattered around the cemetery with reinforcements coming from a few vans. Michael only has a pistol since his weapons were removed before boarding the plane but the enemies have assault rifles. Use the graves as cover. There is a health pack on the right side of the church where a van is. The last van gets caught by a train but after it passes they will move up into the cemetery. Kill them all. When you get in the car Michael can't get it started. The Chinese surround the car and the screen goes black.

You are now put back in control of Trevor who is flying back to the Sandy Shores Airfield. Wei Cheng calls him and says Trevor is impeding on his business ventures in the area. He is holding Trevor's lover - Michael - hostage. Trevor laughs and dismisses the threat since he has given up his friendship with Michael. Lamar will also message Trevor that they are going to move on the last car for Devon Weston. Land the plane at the airfield to complete the mission.

Now Michael is not available to SWITCH to. After this mission Patricia will call Trevor to say hello. They'll chat briefly.


  • If you enter this mission as Michael, you may want to put another vehicle (not his Tailgater) in his garage before starting the mission as well as a second vehicle either in the garage or the driveway.
  • Also if using Michael to start, when you pull into the parking lot at the airport just stop and wait for the next marker to appear then drive over to the stairs to save a little time. In North Yankton you should be able to floor it and pass right behind a train without slowing down too.
  • There is plenty of cover so use it. You can pick up an assault rifle from the fallen enemies.
  • Remember Michael's special ability which comes in handy since the enemies will be behind various cover.
  • You shouldn't need to rush too much through the cemetery so take it easy to get your headshots and accuracy.
  • You don't need to kill the last group on the other side of the tracks. Just get in the car if you wish.
  • You need to stop near the marker on the runway for the mission to finish.


  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 11:00.
  • Headshots - Kill 20 enemies with a headshot.
  • Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 80%.

The Big Score (Survey)
Deep Inside
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