Crystal Maze

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In order to secure a deal with the Chinese, Trevor takes out his business competition. The family has its own army worth of people, though.

Rewards: Jerry Can
Protagonists: Trevor
2 Birds 1 Stone

Family Feud

Trevor finds his Chinese friends at the inn again and takes them outside to talk business. T.P.I. has shown itself to be quite a business but Cheng's translator breaks it to Trevor that the big boss wants a bigger business partner. Trevor attempts to sweet talk his way into a deal but to no effect. After abusing Cheng a little the translator reveals that they are working with the O'Neil brothers. Trevor becomes angry and tells the translator that the O'Neils are going to have some issues. He gets in his truck and takes off.

Drive to the O'Neil brothers' farm in Grapeseed. After finding some appropriate music Elwood O'Neil calls Trevor and tries to calm him down. He says they - a long list of names - are at the family farm if Trevor wants to talk. Trevor will do more than talk. When you reach the marker near a small hill get out and go to the vantage point.

More than a Walton

In a cutscene various men are shown around the farmhouse including one with binoculars. A crowd is around two vehicles out front. Elwood walks up and tells his brothers that Trevor is on his way so he directs a few of them to protect the meth lab. The rest of them jump into an SUV and go to meet the Chinese men. You are told to destroy the O'Neils' meth lab which is in the basement of the farmhouse.

To avoid a mob of people gunning for you, equip a suppressed sniper or other weapon with a suppressor. Start taking out the enemies. Towards the left is one practice shooting and another cheering him. On the upper deck of the house is the lookout with binoculars. Two others will be talking to the right of him but eventually split up. One more is on the lower porch. On the ground to the right are two having a discussion and two rolling barrels. Three of the four will get into a van and drive off leaving one alone. You can see a couple in the windows of the house too but you can't always tell if there is another next to them. Make sure to kill ones that are not in view of others (behind another or on a different level). If one of them is alerted, take them out before alerting the rest.

To sneak into the house, go around the back right where there is a door with a health pack. One will be to the right facing away. Another will be in a front room if you didn't get him from the outside. A final loner is in a back laundry room next to the kitchen. The rest in the house are in pairs having discussions so you'll end up breaking the silence at this point. Two are in the kitchen, three are in the far front room, and two more in the far back room. Take out the two in the kitchen and grab the health pack if you need it. Next move onto the far rooms and kill them however you can. A health pack is in the front room where the basement stairs are.

We don't want no water

Make your way into the basement. The final brother will surrender but end up pulling a gun so kill him. Grab the jerry can and pour a trail from the basement up the stairs and outside. Once outside shoot the trail and a cinematic will show the fire move through the house before blowing up the whole thing. If you want to skip the trail you can toss a sticky bomb and detonate it when you get outside. With the house destroyed get away from the farm to complete the mission.


  • There is no time objective so take your time and kill whoever you can before alerting the rest of the family. The sniper will not be completely steady so wait for it to hover over an enemy's head and pull the trigger.
  • Outside sweep: Hit the guy with the binoculars then the guy on the lower porch. Either wait for the two on the upper deck to split and kill each or line them up for a double kill as they talk to each other. Wait for the van crew to start walking and kill the remaining guy (you can double kill the talkers but need to be quick with the rollers after). In a window next to that is one to take out now or later. Move down closer to the practice shooters and get into a position where both of their heads will line up when the shooter aims (so each will be steady) then headshot them both with one bullet.
  • Use cover while clearing the house. Watch your radar to see which rooms the enemies are in.
  • Inside Sweep: Sneak around to the back door on the northeast side. Take out the guy to the right and then go to the front room if you didn't kill the guy from the outside. Next go to the rear laundry room next to the kitchen and take out another. After that you pretty much need to break the silence.
  • The gas trail needs to be continuous but you can pour over any gaps without having to do the whole thing over again. Check your radar for little yellow blips indicating a gap in the trail.


  • Headshots - Kill 10 enemies with a headshot.
  • Unmarked - Complete with minimal damage to health and armor.
  • 2 Birds 1 Stone - Kill 2 enemies with one shot.
  • Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 80%.

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  • Chris (Guest) February 18, 2018
    The vehicle I drive up there disappears after I torch the joint. I'm not a big fan of the atv either. If my vehicle disappears, I just hop in the van.
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    Aperenttly you can hear someone crying hear on feemode is it true
  • TreeFitty (Guest) June 12, 2015
    Go to the front-left room (southwest corner) where there are 3 enemies waiting. Look for the stairs to the basement in that room towards the right.
  • scramp64 (Guest) June 11, 2015
    How do you get to the basement
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