Hood Safari

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Franklin and Lamar show Trevor a typical South Los Santos neighborhood and a typical drug deal that goes awry.

Rewards: None
Protagonists: Franklin, Trevor
Mission Time

Unstoppable Trevor meets immovable Denise

Franklin comes home only to have his Aunt Denise and Lamar criticize his presence on their block due to his lack of loyalty to them. Not the most welcome greeting but Trevor wanders over. Franklin makes comments towards his aunt but Denise and Trevor both tell him to shut up. Trevor takes a liking to Denise until she questions the $7 he gives her to buy something nice. He dismisses her into the house. Back to boy talk, Trevor says he's new to the city and looking for friends to party with. Lamar tells Franklin he wanted to talk about the thing. Franklin isn't sure what that is and Lamar quietly mentions the Stretch thing. Trevor jumps at the opportunity to do something - whatever it is. He presses them to head out and do the thing.

As Franklin, get in the van and drive to Grove Street with Lamar, Trevor, and Chop. Trevor is ready to spray fools if needed but Lamar explains they are going to get some good drugs that will help their business prospects. Trevor asks the two if they have some dust which pretty much says enough about Trevor to Lamar. When you arrive at the dealer's house exit the van and walk up with the others.

Trevor's expertise

Lamar knocks on the door and the dealer makes sure he has the cash. He pulls out a brick and gives Lamar a sample of the package. Lamar is happy but Trevor wants a sample from the other side. He struggles with the dealer until the brick breaks open and they find drywall. The dealer yells out to the neighborhood and slams the door. The three take cover as bullets fly. Chop is told to go home and he does.

You can SWITCH between Franklin (SMG) and Trevor (shotgun) as you please. Make your way through the enemies and up the street. They come from both sides including from houses and even drive vehicles into the block. Use cover and keep tabs on the other protagonist in case they come under heavy fire. Near the end there is one high on a building to the right. When there is one or two left at the end you'll get a wanted level and the cops will road block the far end of the neighborhood. Follow the others through a side yard and into the flood channel.

You run into a video shoot and Lamar recognizes the celebrity as MC Clip. Grab a Seashark and follow the others away from the police. A car with enemies will run alongside the river. Either take them out or let the others do it. The car will reach the end of the channel and can't go any further. Continue running from the police helicopter through the port. You can try to take it out but shooting steady is difficult. Franklin tells Lamar that Stretch set him up but Lamar says Stretch didn't know. While zipping under bridges Lamar mentions there are Seashark races around Los Santos - good to know right now. Continue through the port and they decide to split up. Lamar goes left to the nearest beach and Trevor goes right towards the piers. Outrun the attention however you can. You can get away from the chopper but the police also have boats patrolling the waters so watch your radar.

When you lose your wanted level the mission is complete. Sea races are now available.


  • There is no vehicle damage objective so you can bang up the van or Seashark quite a bit.
  • In the neighborhood use cover while moving up the block and keep an eye on the other protagonist. You might end up switching a few times since the uncontrolled one will push their way up the block without clearing all the enemies behind them. You do need to move quickly to make the time objective.
  • Obviously Franklin's SMG is good for longer ranges and Trevor's shotgun is good for shorter ranges although it can still get some distance.
  • When escaping to the flood channel Trevor can get tied up fighting the cops so I found it a little faster to SWITCH to him and flee the scene. Otherwise you'll need to wait for him to get on the Seashark.
  • Don't bother shooting the enemy car in the flood channel.
  • Best method I found for losing the police is to continue around the large pier out towards the ocean and head west while hugging the pier. You should be able to get away from the police chopper and dodge any police boats coming off the ocean as well as be low enough to remain unseen by patrol cars on the pier.


  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 07:00.
  • Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
  • Headshots - Kill 12 enemies with a headshot.

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  • Sienc (Guest) October 15, 2013
    After Lamar suggests you split up on the Seasharks, if you follow Trevor he leads you to a ladder out of the water. There are cops waiting at the top, but you can get to a vehicle to escape by road rather than on the water.
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