Lamar Down

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Lamar gets caught up in another Stretch-capade out in the woods so it's up to Franklin, Michael, and Trevor to save him.

Rewards: -$50 (Franklin)
Protagonists: Franklin (start, job), Michael and Trevor (job only)
Three Way
Mission Time

Change she can't believe in

Franklin is busy enjoying his big fancy house when there's a knock at the door. He opens up to find his old girlfriend Tanisha. She says there's a problem with Lamar. Franklin expresses his dislike of Lamar, Stretch, and the rest of the gang trying to keep Franklin down. Tanisha is worried about Lamar and informs Franklin that he was set up by Stretch and is on the verge of death. Franklin is still reluctant to help Lamar but Tanisha continues to push him. She might be getting married to a doctor but she still has enough love for the people she grew up with. Lamar is being held at a sawmill near Paleto Bay. Tanisha storms out.

Drive out to the sawmill. Franklin calls Lester and asks him to do what he does best. Lester still has access to the Paleto Bay police database from a previous job and finds that there is a gang-run weed operation in that area. The police records were buried so it appears that the cops had been paid off. The weed is probably grown in the nearby hills and the mill is likely a packing and shipping facility. Lester is certain there are plenty of gang members around the mill. Franklin asks Lester to call up Michael and Trevor but is informed that they aren't quite on good terms yet. Franklin begs Lester to try.

Game Plan

When you arrive at the marker Michael and Trevor are waiting. Trevor immediately questions Franklin about bringing in Michael who has his own replies. Franklin calms them both down and scopes out the mill using binoculars. Trevor continues to antagonize Michael. Franklin spots Lamar being escorted around the facility. Michael takes a sniper and heads up a hill. Trevor starts heading towards the mill. You are SWITCHed to Trevor and told to pick one of the assault positions shown on your radar.

Michael comments on the positions:
  • 1. Front entrance, most direct with heavy fire
  • 2. Downhill, bulldozer to utilize
  • 3. Far side, least enemy fire but out of Michael's reach.

Michael also says to not shoot anyone until positions are taken. When you reach a position you'll need to confirm it is where you want Trevor to be. Pick one and you are SWITCHed back to Franklin who also needs to take a position. Michael says he found a good sniping spot. Trevor advises Franklin they should come from two sides. Again, go to a position and confirm your choice. You can join Trevor if you wish. With everyone set it's time to move in and find Lamar. You can now SWITCH between all three characters.


Pick a character and start clearing the area of Ballas. They are literally everywhere both low and high on the structures. Trevor observes the amount of weed they have which explains all the fire power guarding it. Make your way to the northeast corner to find Lamar. When you get towards the lumber yard on that side of the area Franklin mentions snipers and the game suggests SWITCHing to Michael. Do so or keep shooting. If you went with the bulldozer one enemy on a roof at the southwest corner will have an RPG so look out for him. Keep moving. When you get into the lumber yard you are told to get to Lamar who now appears on your radar. Clear a path to him and kill the guard. Go to Lamar and grab the health pack on the wall if needed. Lamar gets up and you now need to fight your way out to the sawmill exit.

Ballas now appear all over the lumberyard with more driving up in vehicles at the south end. Kill them all while moving out. Upon reaching the south side Michael will also come under fire. Either SWITCH to him or use a rifle as Trevor or Franklin if possible. Two enemy vehicles will also pull up near the exit marker. An RPG can make quick work of them. When they are all dead you are SWITCHed back to Franklin if needed and told to drive Lamar back to his house. Find a vehicle and get in with Lamar. Michael and Trevor head out as well.

Lamar explains to Franklin how he came out to this secluded area to make a deal. Franklin comments that Lamar seems to attract deadly attention as soon as he steps out of the front door. They go back and forth about each other's lives. Franklin tries to get it into Lamar's head that Stretch has been setting them up since the recycling plant incident. He probably made friends with the Ballas while in prison and used his old crew as disposable pawns. By the end of the ride Franklin and Lamar are straight and even poke fun at what just happened. Back home, Lamar asks Franklin for some money especially since he helped out with Devin. Franklin pulls out some cash but Lamar makes comments how it's enough for a 40 ounce and a bucket of chicken. Franklin tells Lamar that he didn't get paid by Devin either and that he's saved Lamar countless times. Lamar is living in a fantasy. If he got away from acting like a hood rat maybe he could go somewhere in life. Their friendship gets a sour with all of this but Franklin says if something good comes up he'll call.

Franklin walks off but FIB Agents Steve Haines and Dave Norton are waiting on the other side of the garage. Franklin says they're done but Norton says it's "nearly" done. They need Franklin to take out Trevor. Michael is sensible but Trevor... is Trevor. Even though Trevor saved both agents he's a liability. They'll give Franklin the word when. Michael can't do it since Trevor won't let him near. The agents drive off. Lamar comes around and asks who that was but Franklin tells him not to worry about it. Franklin walks off again. After this mission Jimmy will message Franklin that he is going to a movie premiere for his dad's film. They have to get a tux from Ponsonbys and then it's on to the red carpet.


  • Looking at the country roads from Franklin's house to the mill, you may be tempted to go out to the Western Highway to save time but that isn't necessarily true. The country roads are a little faster especially if you take a few shortcuts such as the path Trevor takes in Caida Libre. Scout out the shortcuts before starting this mission.
  • You don't actually need to pick positions. If you don't care for the Three Way objective, it is entirely possible to run in as Trevor from the start, shoot your way to Lamar, and then shoot your way out without changing.
  • You really need to run-and-gun to make the time objective. You can also do the above to save time but SWITCH to make the Three Way objective too.
  • For the Three Way objective I would suggest kicking off as Trevor as described above, SWITCH to Franklin at some point in the Lumber Yard, and then SWITCH to Michael when he gets overrun near the end. It's really up to you how you want to do it.
  • There is a ton of cover for you and the enemies. Wait for them to pop out and aim for headshots.
  • An RPG is great for the vehicles at the end. Trevor will probably have some ammo for that.


  • Headshots - Kill 18 enemies with a headshot.
  • Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
  • Three Way - Kill an enemy with all 3 characters.
  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 13:30.

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