Nervous Ron

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Trevor and Ron intercept a weapons shipment while taking over a biker-run air strip in the desert.

Rewards: $62680, Sniper Rifle
Protagonists: Trevor
Mission Time
Nervous Twitch
6 Bridges, 1 Plane
Death on a Wing


Trevor arrives at his trailer where Ron is waiting. He tells Trevor the bikers came for him because he killed Johnny Klebitz. Trevor finds the inside of his trailer in ruins including his prized Impotent Rage statue. Wade walks up but quickly turns around. Trevor stops him and asks if he got anything on Michael Townley yet. Wade didn't which causes Trevor to threaten Wade and his cousin's lives. Trevor sends him off and gets Ron to help him get revenge on the bikers.

Hop on an ATV and go to Ammu-Nation. Ron will go to the Lost MC's airfield. Over the radio Trevor tells Ron that he isn't quite buying a gun but he does need a sniper with a good scope. Walk into the store and Trevor will discuss things with the clerk. Buy the sniper as well as an advanced scope and suppressor. Go back outside and grab the ATV. Make your way to Ron. Trevor calls him and tells Ron to meet at the water tower just north of the airfield. Ron says there are bikers everywhere and Trevor tells him there are two planes touching down on a weapons run. They are going to intervene.

When you reach the water tower climb to the very top. They'll need to wait for things to quiet down on the strip but in the meantime Ron can plan how he will plant explosives on the fuel tank.

Seal Team Sticks

A little later in the night and Trevor decides it's time to put their plan into effect. Ron drives over to the buildings as you are told to how to use the sniper rifle. When Ron gets off his ATV he tells you to zoom in on him. Get seizure-boy in your sights and he'll start moving towards the fuel tanks.

The first enemy is spotted near the bottom of the control tower to the right of Ron. Take him out. Ron will then say he hears an engine as a van will drive in from across the strip. To hide your first kill, shoot out the two lower lights on the control tower. Wait for the van to stop near Ron and take out the driver after he exits and tries to call the first victim.

Next an enemy emerges from the top of the tower. Kill him and another will appear on the ground so kill him too. A second enemy will exit the control tower. Shoot him and Ron will tell you to look at him again since he's scared. Do so and he'll start to move. An enemy will walk out of the building on the right so take him out without hitting the large propane tank behind him. A second enemy will exit so kill him and Ron will get to work planting the explosives.

As he does that, keep an eye out for more bikers. One enemy will drive past the tanker truck towards the right. Kill him. Next a helicopter will appear across the strip coming in for a landing. Take out the pilot to crash the whole thing. The silence will now be broken so the rest of the bikers will be alerted.

Clear the runway

Drive over towards Ron and clear out any remaining enemies. While you wipe them out Ron will start the engine of the plane in the hanger. When they are all dead get to the plane. In a cutscene Trevor hops onto the wing and waves on Ron in the pilot seat. Kill more enemies as Ron taxis out. You have unlimited ammo for this part.

When Ron gets onto the strip you are told to activate the explosives. Do so and continue mowing down enemies. Two vans will drive in off to the sides in front of you. Try to take out the driver ahead of time (look for the headlights). Kill them and a motorcycle will run up from behind you so take him out. Further down the runway Trevor will jump off the wing and get into the other airplane sitting on the runway. A biker will leap onto the wing but that's an issue for him.

Second star to the right

Follow Ron's plane up into the skies. More motorcycles will ride up but don't worry about them. Aircraft controls are displayed if needed. Trevor tells Ron that they are meeting a buyer in a boat off the coast. When you gain some altitude roll the plane a little to dislodge the biker on the wing. Continue to follow Ron through the valley. Trevor and Ron discuss "company" business and future prospects during the flight.

Once you are over the ocean Ron spots a smoke signal just past the military base. Don't fly too high near the base. Your cargo doors under the plane will open automatically and you are told to make the drop near the boats. You are given rather large area on the radar to drop in. After a successful drop Trevor will race Ron to another airstrip. Trevor threatens Ron about winning but Ron says he isn't a trained pilot like Trevor. Remember to stay low past the base.

The contact for the weapons was Oscar Guzman who has relations with cartels in Mexico. Ron hopes for a good cut from this deal since he has lawyer and divorce settlement fees. Get to the runway north of the lake and land the plane. Taxi the plane into the hanger. Trevor thinks that was enough pay back for his statue. T.P.I. is on the up and up.

You are now able to buy properties across the area including this airfield.


  • Take your time with the sniper. It will not be completely steady so wait for it to hover over an enemy's head and pull the trigger.
  • Use cover while cleaning out the remaining bikers.
  • Bridges to fly under are marked above with a star. Planes do not fly perfectly level so you'll need to pull up slightly while cruising low above the water. The last few along the Zancudo River are extremely tight and there's a good chance of crashing. The last one is actually two: a road and rail bridge, but it is very unlikely you'll get the road one.


  • Headshots - Kill 5 enemies with a headshot.
  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 12:30.
  • Nervous Twitch - Win the race against Ron.
  • 6 Bridges, 1 Plane - Fly under any 6 bridges found along the flight path.
  • Death on a Plane - Kill all bikers whilst lying on the plane wing.

Mr. Philips < Nervous Ron > Friends Reunited

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