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Franklin and Lamar go to a shady part of Vespucci Beach to repo a motorcycle for Simeon. Just like those fake repo shows on TV, chaos is guaranteed.

Rewards: Pump Shotgun, Bagger motorcycle for Franklin, New-Gen: Hammer, Bottle, SNS Pistol
Protagonists: Franklin
Mission Time
Trail Blazer

Employee of the Month

Franklin enters the dealership and is met by Simeon just outside his office. Franklin doesn't sound entirely satisfied with the job he's had for a few months but Simeon quickly brings him into his office to reveal that Franklin is Employee of the Month. Moving past the honor, Franklin says he needs to move forward in his life but Simeon pretty much tells him nothing is changing. His business is selling expensive cars at extreme interest rates and he wishes he had a [black] son just like Franklin.

Lamar enters the office and is quite displeased with Simeon's choice. Lamar only wants to see his name up there with "winner" next to it and demands a retrial. Moving on with business Simeon needs a motorcycle repossessed. The person that bought it hasn't made any payments and lives in Vespucci Beach. Gang affiliations are unknown. Lamar and the "Master-ass Nigga" head out.

Bad side of Vespucci

Choose one of the vehicles behind the dealership and head over to Vespucci Beach. Franklin and Lamar discuss the guy they are taking the motorcycle from. Franklin remembers he was a Vagos member with tattoos on his face - which means bad things. The pair decides to go in quietly to avoid confrontation.

Pull up into the marker and get out. Follow Lamar over the fence and into the alleyway. The two try not to stand out too much as other people in the neighborhood go about their lives. Franklin has a really bad feeling about this. There are three garages at the end of the alley but Lamar does not know which one the motorcycle could be in. Walk up to them to investigate.

I'm not your amigo, ese

After opening the larger door on the right nothing is found. Franklin and Lamar are then greeted by a group of Vagos. Lamar is quick to draw a gun and ends up shooting the leader. The rest of the crew yells for assistance. Lamar kicks over the fallen enemy's gun and you are told to grab it. Walk over it to automatically pick it up. Then bring up your weapon wheel and select the pistol (assuming you have no other weapons at this point).

Help Lamar take out the Vagos in the alley. There is one enemy to the right, one behind the truck further up on the right, and one behind a porta-potty ahead on the left. Another enemy will run in from behind a construction dumpster and yet another will be on the second floor of the construction site. A large propane tank on the second floor can be shot and blown up. Lamar will take cover almost under it but won't be harmed in the explosion.

After blowing the tank an enemy will appear from the left down the alley, another up on a second floor deck to the right, and a third on a third floor deck of the next building. A car parked under the first deck will reverse out so be careful and don't get hit. An enemy comes from the left and two more down the alley. The panicked driver will end up crashing and the car will have a fuel trail running to it. Shoot the trail to ignite it and the car will explode.

Chasing green

With the alleyway in ruins, run back to your car. The motorcycle appears in the road but takes off. Climb back over the fence and get in your car. Once Lamar is in put the pedal down and chase after the bike. He'll drive north and eventually through Downtown and into the airport but you shouldn't need that long to take down the operator. He'll slow down in a few places for an easy kill. Ram him or shoot him. However you need to.

When you are able to retrieve the motorcycle you are told to bring it to a car wash near the dealership. Lamar will meet you there. Upon arrival Franklin berates Lamar for causing an incident and they'll need to stay apart for a little bit. Lamar says it's the Apache blood in him and that he wants the bike for himself anyway. The story Simeon gets will be that they couldn't recover it. Lamar rides off.

Stranger missions will now be available starting with local crackhead Tonya. New-Gen returning players: Sometime after completing this mission Lamar will text Franklin about "some monkey dude doing street art". This is for the monkey mosaic collectibles.


  • You may want to grab the Bullet behind the dealership or at least some other quick car for later.
  • When picking garages, go to the one on the right to trigger the cutscene.
  • Take your time during the battle and aim for headshots without missing. You aren't forced to use the explosions and can get a couple more headshots if needed.
  • Get the last two headshots near the wrecked car if you wish (auto-aim will not pick them after a few seconds) and shoot the gas trail to make the car explode. If you got the last two guys do it quick before Lamar runs towards the car.
  • Take out the motorcycle operator as soon as possible. If you are a really good shot, you can get him while still in the alleyway and save yourself tons of time. If you sprint after blowing up the car you can even get near the fence right as he pulls up for an easy shot (make sure Lamar is following you). If not either of those, you might also be able to pick him off from the road after hopping the fence. Otherwise get in the car and ram him as quickly as possible.
  • There is no damage objective so don't worry too much about wrecking your vehicle or damaging the motorcycle.


  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 06:30.
  • Trail Blazer - Shoot the gasoline trail flowing from the vehicle.
  • Headshots - Get 6 headshots during the fight in the alleyway.
  • Accuracy - Get 70% accuracy with your gunfire.

Franklin and Lamar < Repossession > Complications
Pulling Favors
Chop (through Pulling Favors)

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  • TreeFitty (Guest) July 05, 2015
    The Vago on the bike doesn't appear until Lamar starts running back to your car. Lamar won't start running towards the car if you are too far ahead so go back towards him. If you do all that and the biker still doesn't appear that sounds like a glitch.
  • Gfh (Guest) July 05, 2015
    What if you don't see him leaving
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