HEIST: The Merryweather Heist

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Trevor gets Michael and Franklin involved in stealing a top secret government item. They definitely won't mind its disappearance.

Rewards: None
Protagonists: Trevor (start, set up), Michael, Franklin

Scouting the Port

Trevor walks into Floyd's apartment and finds Floyd and Wade talking about him. Floyd is upset about Trevor violating his girlfriend's stuffed bear. He doesn't want his girlfriend to leave him since he has a small penis. Trevor drops trou and says his isn't anything special either. Getting to business, Wade works at the docks. Trevor wants to know if there is anything special or valuable there. Wade isn't sure but they'll find out soon. Trevor hands them appropriate uniforms and the three get changed. They make their way outside and Trevor calls Ron to give a heads up that information will be coming his way.

Drive to Pier 400 in the port. During the drive Trevor presses Floyd about what kinds of things they could steal around the docks. Eventually Floyd mentions that Merryweather has been guarding a freighter and also has men at a navy warehouse. They are supposedly testing something. Trevor is intrigued. When you reach the pier continue through the gate and park next to dispatch. The three exit Trevor's truck. Wade gets roped into cleaning a messy bathroom. Follow Floyd out onto the pier. Trevor asks about various ways to get the cargo out but Floyd says the airspace is restricted and the coast guard is quick. They spot the freighter. Floyd says government stuff usually moves quick but this stuff hasn't.

Handling precious cargo

As Floyd and Trevor approach the ship a supervisor tells them to get on the handler and move some containers from Bay B to Bay F. Get in the Handler and drive over to the containers. Controls are displayed if needed. Grab the two containers (one at a time) and drop them at the loading bay. After getting the first Trevor will say he needs to get a better view and decides to get on a crane.

After moving the two containers drive over to the crane. Climb up and another supervisor will tell Trevor he needs someone to operate it. Not wanting to blow his cover, Trevor jumps in. Controls are displayed if needed. Move the two containers at one end over to the trucks at the other. You don't need to be precise grabbing and dropping but get pretty close. After moving the two containers Trevor will get out and say he's going to get pictures for the kids. Walk over to the vantage point and take three pictures: The bow (front), the guards, and the stern (rear). Send them to Ron and climb down to Floyd.

Floyd will take you to the navy warehouse. Hop in the truck and drive to docking area. Floyd says Merryweather is guarding a dry dock and won't let anyone in. Trevor thinks rules do not apply to them and questions Floyd's position in life pretty harshly. Pull into the marker. A cutscene shows Trevor acting like he doesn't speak English and tries to walk in. The guards stop him and Floyd intervenes - only to get surrounded and have the crap beat out of him. Trevor uses the distraction to grab a briefcase from the guard shack and walks away.

Get a vehicle and go back to Floyd's apartment. Ron calls and says Merryweather is definitely guarding serious military hardware below deck on the freighter. The manifest Trevor just stole confirms they are testing something out at sea. He tells Ron to get back to work with T.P.I. and Ron says he has a whole file on Merryweather somewhere. They hang up.

Decisions, decisions

Back at the apartment Trevor is taken back by the smell of poop which can be seen smeared on the walls. Wade is found on the couch covered in you-know-what. Trevor needs to plan out their attack and takes down a picture of Floyd's girlfriend to use the wall. He draws it up real quick and goes over the information. There are two valuable unknown devices and two approaches: Freighter or Offshore. Attacking the freighter will mean blowing up the ship and recover the device under water. Someone will plant charges and someone else will provide covering fire. The port goes on lockdown as soon as they make a sound. For offshore the device is already under the waves. Either choice will need a submarine. For offshore they'll need a large helicopter to move the submarine far off the coast and bring back the device.

Make your decision. Trevor will contact Michael to help and tells him to bring Franklin along. Floyd comes home to the filthy mess and Trevor tells him to give Wade a bath. Trevor watches TV for a bit and later phones Michael to bring him in. Michael suggests talking to Lester before making a move but Trevor isn't too worried about it. If you choose the offshore approach Trevor tells Michael to attend Flight School but it is not a requirement.


  • There is no vehicle damage objective so you can bang up the vehicles quite a bit.
  • Containers do not need to be perfectly lined up when picked up or placed. They will snap into place when off by a little bit. There is no specific spot to drop them when using the handler. Anywhere in the marked out area.
  • For the crane line up the bottom of the crane with the target container to be on target.
  • When using the crane I prefer the top-down view (use select to change) for more exact placement. Raise the containers until each end touches the edges of your screen. That should be high enough to clear the other stack and still give you a partial view of where the crane is.
  • When placing containers on the truck, the crane will not move past the truck's trailer so go until it stops and then lower the container down.


  • Mission Time - Complete the mission within 20:00.
  • Employee of the Month - Complete without damaging the containers.
  • Perfect Surveillance - Snap all 3 photographs of the boat as instructed.
  • An Honest Day's Work - Complete without causing a disturbance at the docks.


The choice is made to go after the device in the ship.


The choice is made to go after the device off the coast.

Friends Reunited
Three's Company
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  • TreeFitty (Guest) February 08, 2017
    You can't. That's the heist.
  • shadowcon (Guest) February 07, 2017
    how do you by pass lester telling trevor to put it back
  • TreeFitty (Guest) April 11, 2015
    Then it definitely seems like a bug with your game. Aside from waiting an in-game day or two you might have to load a previous save if you have one.
  • Clubadart (Guest) April 11, 2015
    Yeah I did that one already. What console do you have gta on? I have ps4 and if that's the same for you, my psn is clubadart or Adam ngo because I might need ur personal help.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) April 10, 2015
    I was looking through the mission strings again. See if you completed Three's Company. It looks like that was missing from the mission tree.
  • Clubadart (Guest) April 10, 2015
    It's weird cause it didn't and I don't know if it's because I didn't do any side missions or anything like that.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) April 09, 2015
    I believe Trevor should automatically call Michael when you go outside.
  • Clubadart (Guest) April 09, 2015
    So I made the decision to do the freighter way and got to the part where he gives up watching tv but when I call Michael it just says Hang out. I then have no mission to do can u help?
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