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Posted by TreeFitty September 15, 2013 : 14 Comments : 31,190 Views

It's Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday and then... well, you know what comes next. No doubt tomorrow will bring plenty of official news as GTAV gets into the hands of Russians and Aussies and then more countries sweeping across the globe over to the US. There are definitely reviews to look forward to. So here are more advertisements and some fan art to kill our last weekend before Grand Theft Auto V releases!


GTA 5 Mexico EscalatorGTA 5 Hummer H2GTA 5 Hummer H2
Left: GTA fan Gerardo Lerma found this in Parque Tezontle, Mexico City. Middle: Another very large advertisement in LA by Nazim Chambi. Right: Nathan Wardle‏ spots a GTA V-wrapped H2 Hummer

GTA 5 Times Square
Just after our advertisement round-up, this appeared in Times Square. Image found on twitter.

There are still many, many more scattered around the world!

Fan Maps

This part had been planned for a couple weeks, prior to certain things being revealed early. You may or may not have had a look through our GTA V mapping topic in the forums. Where some have simply pointed out landmarks, a few of our members took it a step further and created the actual GTA V map using trailers, official gameplay videos, and screenshots. Here's a quick timeline of progress:

Early creation:
TreeFitty Map MS Paint
Humble beginnings in MS Paint started a little over a week after the first trailer was released in November 2011. Pictured is the final version before moving on to better techniques.

Progress right before the blue print images were revealed with the SE and CE version announcement:
TreeFitty Map pre blue printDuPz0r Map pre blue print
Left: TreeFitty's map when the blue print images were revealed. Right: Infamous forum member DuPz0r joins the fun with his own map.

The blue print reveal finally gave us some real streets to scale everything else with. The rest of the map (Blaine County) was still unknown as far as scale and shape up until an achievement icon was revealed showing the complete outline. From there things finally started coming together using additional screenshots and videos. Then last week an impatient person posted a picture of the Brady Games guide (spoiler tags in use). That pretty much brought the mapping extravaganza to a close and here's the final results from iGTA's Lewis and Clark:

TreeFitty Map pre Brady GuideDuPz0r Map pre Brady Guide
Left: TreeFitty's final approximation. More about it here including a comparison to Brady Games and a bonus GTA IV style here. Right: DuPz0r's final 3D creation you may have seen on other websites. View the 3D model here.

Amazingly close on both. It was a lot of fun and helped the past 2 years go by much faster. Many others contributed maps and input to the ones above. If you feel like browsing through 160+ pages of map discussion you can here.

Be sure to keep submitting fan art and sign up to use the forums! You'll be able to ask questions and provide answers to fellow GTA V fans!

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  • roadrashh (Guest) September 16, 2013
    @Carl Johnson: Yeah, me too! Went down to Orlando and Miami! Nice places.
  • best game in history (Guest) September 16, 2013
    i dont beleive how i wanna take gta 5 and play with i am so curios thanks for rockstar and all its characters
  • Carl Johnson (Guest) September 16, 2013
    @roadrashh: Yeah, but i meat summer vacation from school went by so fast. :)
  • roadrashh (Guest) September 16, 2013
    @Carl Johnson: That's it? I remember when the official release date was announced it was around 230 days! To see only mere hours left is incredible!
  • Carl Johnson (Guest) September 16, 2013
    I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE TO WAIT ONLY 10 hrs NOW!!! I remember when it was 60 days 'til the release date. It all went by so fast! Sincerely: Carl Johnson ;)
  • mike1871974 (Guest) September 16, 2013
    tomorrow i'll go to work come home and go to sleep . sleep till 10:00 get up and go to Gamestop fo get my collector edition G T A 5 so i can play all night till i go to work again. just want to thank for making my wait easier you given me everything i need to know your the best
  • charlie choo choo (Guest) September 16, 2013
    20hrs 42mins 10secs
  • Ghostman (Guest) September 16, 2013
    Come on only one more day. 24 small little hours until the complete and utter joy. I can't wait now going to rob the nearest supermarket as they got to have copies in the back. See you all on the otherside!
  • GTA5Fan4Life (Guest) September 15, 2013
    I would like to thank RockstarGames for this epic release, i would also like to thank igta5 for for having a site to find the best info and not just bs rumors. I've visited this site often, ok everyday for the last year and now that the game is just a day away... i can't wait to leave Liberty City and move back to Los Santos
  • LordZekrom (Guest) September 15, 2013
    I think they should raffle off one of those GTA themed cars. Definitely would like to see more pics of them too, awesome.
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