More Official GTA V Artworks Released as Wallpapers

Posted by TreeFitty and bOnEs September 17, 2014 : 1 Comments : 14,951 Views

To mark the first anniversary of Grand Theft Auto V's first release, Rockstar Games has released numerous artworks - new and old - as wallpapers.

Check out all of them in the largest size in our artwork gallery here or get them in various sizes for your computer or mobile device from Rockstar Downloads. Enjoy and join the fun in the forums!

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  • KroNik BuLLeTzZ (Guest) September 21, 2014
    Rock star please come out with new updates the game is getting boring and it takes forever to get a lot of money and everything cost soo much, the heist DLC should be your top priority right now everyone is looking forward to that, not some stupid wallpapers lol
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