Multiplayer Crews from Max Payne 3 to carry over into GTA V

Posted by DuffMan March 22, 2012 : 33 Comments : 26,204 Views

Our first piece of GTA V info since the trailer comes in the form of an announcement about a new feature of the Social Club, which will be introduced for the first time in Max Payne 3.

In Max Payne 3, players will be able to team up in multiplayer 'Crews', where groups of players will be able to initiate Feuds with each other during matches. Developing a Vendetta between Crews will give the players involved opportunities to earn bonus XP, with stats tracked on the Social Club.

Crews will carry over from Max Payne 3 into GTA V, and later on into future Rockstar titles.

GTA 5 Vinewood Sign

Below are details posted on the Newswire, which explain more:

"How will Crews be able to interact?

One major way will be with Feuds. In multiplayer games we have a feature called Vendettas – if someone kills you twice, you can initiate a vendetta against them, which lets everyone know that you’re out to get that person. For you, a special X marks their blip when they’re visible to you on the map. If you take that person down, you get extra XP. If they survive your vendetta though, they get that XP.

Crew Feuds are essentially Crew Vendettas: impromptu skirmishes between crews that can spring up in multiplayer matches that quickly spawn a first-to-10-kills battle. You can be playing any team-based game with a completely new set of players, but if you spot two or more members of a crew you’re feuding with on the opposite team, any kills you get against them will count to the overall feud so rivalries will spring up automatically - and when they do, you’ll be notified and the grudge will come to the forefront of the game.

We’ll track who you’re feuding with, how long you’ve been feuding, and who’s winning. You’ll get extra XP for taking down members of crews you’re feuding with, so you’ll be able to remember those grudges for future matches. Again, we want to create more drama out of the interactions that go down in typical multiplayer matches.

And the beauty of this system is that crews persist over time and across future games. Multiplayer is an ever-more important part of all our games moving forward, and by creating crews through Social Club the crews that you create in Max Payne 3 will be ready and available for you to play in Grand Theft Auto V from day one. It’s all part of our larger approach to make multiplayer deeper and richer than what’s currently available, much more easily accessible to the newcomer and rewarding for the hardcore.

Will the spirit behind Crews and Gang Wars – multiplayer with a user-generated narrative – appear in other Rockstar’s forthcoming games?

We made a promise not to talk too much about forthcoming games until a little further down the track but, yes, crews will feature in Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer. We are firm believers in the potential of third-person multiplayer and the attachment it can create to character, stories and worlds. This is at the heart of what we’re doing with Crews, and we think it opens up limitless new possibilities for the future. It’s right at the heart of our goal to bring greater weight and context to multiplayer games while still staying true to what competitive multiplayer does so well."

You can read a full interview with IGN here.

Sounds like multiplayer in Grand Theft Auto just got a lot more interesting. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Comments (33)

  • TreeFitty (Guest) May 07, 2012
    We actually got an answer to this recently. Up to 250 people can be in a crew. There can be as many crews as people so 16.
  • Music lord (Guest) April 14, 2012
    Is there a limit as to how many people can be in a crew? How many crews can be in one multiplayer session?
  • TESandGTA (Guest) April 14, 2012
    Hopefully you can create your own multiplayer character.
    I find people playing as the same character unrealistic and irritating.
    I can just tell this game will ruin my life :)
  • TreeFitty (Guest) April 08, 2012
    There is nothing confirmed as far as gameplay. We can speculate based on previous titles and Rockstar's style all day but nothing is confirmed in or out at this point.
  • IITurtleManII (Guest) April 08, 2012
    Thanks for the feed back TreeFitty. Can I ask if you could put down the features that GTA will definitely have in a list in any way? For example...
    1. Will not get wanted level if you commit a crime and no one sees you do it
  • TreeFitty (Guest) April 06, 2012
    I'm not sure what your other (abusive) comment was about, but that's not a good way to get attention and I can see why another comment may have been deleted. As for your questions, none of them have an official answer yet. We can be certain that Rockstar will continue to improve and expand their games in many aspects including cheats and weapons.
  • epicdrome28 (Guest) April 05, 2012
    Now I have a real question. For some reason with the last GTA cheats we seen a lower wanted level cheat. In previous GTA games we had a never wanted cheat. Will we get the never wanted cheat back again? After beating the game I always like to play around with cheats and cause chaos. In GTA4 it was not possible because the first law breaking move you made had cops onto you within seconds. You couldn't even fire a weapon without a wanted level being added and it's just a pain in the but to enjoy the game when every action you do involves the cops and you had to open your phone to relieve your wanted level.

    Will we see new weapons? RDR for example had a pretty large weapon selection. GTA always seem to keep a low inventory. Would be nice to see double barrel shotguns and revolvers with more selection in individual weapon categories.

    Last question and most important to me lol. Do you think we will see a minigun back in GTA? There is nothing more fun than spraying a street sweeper on the game. I know Rockstar want's to make the game more realistic but I cant see how having a minigun makes the game anymore unrealistic. Realistically speaking with money anyone can in fact buy a minigun! Would be nice to see a 50 cal sniper rifle with some bullet cam added. I don't want to see the game become phony like saints row but I miss some of the old fun guns
  • TreeFitty (Guest) April 01, 2012
    Crews are the only confirmed multiplayer feature so far. There will probably be a level system like many games including Red Dead Redemption and likely Max Payne 3. As for driving, I doubt it will change much at all from IV to V.
  • IITurtleManII (Guest) April 01, 2012
    I love GTA IV and the driving. But I heard that there is going to be a leveling up system (Like Skyrim or Mass Effect) can you confirm this?
    And also, is the driving going to be the same? Because it took me a while to get used to the driving, so going to a GTA 5 where the driving is different is going to weird
  • Undertaker13 (Guest) March 29, 2012
    I smell fun!!! I can't wait to try this on MP3
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