Ned Luke - Possible GTA 5 Main Character Voice Artist

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The folks over at have pointed out a very interesting discovery with regards to the main character in GTA 5. On the first GTA 5 Trailer we heard a man talking and we're still speculating on who this could be, however a member called Dourvas on GTAForums spotted some pretty convincing similarities between the old guy in the trailer and an actor named Ned Luke.

Ned Luke GTA 5 Main Character
Image courtesty of

As you can see from the above image, both Ned and the trailer character look very similar. As we've seen in previous GTA games, the in-game characters are very often based on how the actual voice artist looks.

Bear that in mind, plus the fact that he sounds fairly similar too, and we may be looking at the main protagonist in GTA 5 - voiced by Ned Luke.

Here's Ned's IMDB Portfolio: Ned Luke on IMDB

This news may actually have been revealed on November 5th by Jimmy Taenaka on Twitter who posted the following:
Jimmy Taenaka Twitter

However it would appear either everyone missed it, or no one took it too seriously until now!

We asked Jimmy T on Twitter if this was official and this was his reply:

Jimmy Taenaka iGTA5 Reply

To add further confirmation (?), it appears Ned's cousin is on Twitter and tweeted about hearing his voice and seeing him in the trailer on November 2nd, when the trailer officially launched. It appears she's not a big fan of him though...

Rebecca Halls Twitter

And the final piece of confirmation may be Ned Luke's very own Twitter account. Although the account isn't verified, and it doesn't appear to be used much, he's still following Rockstar Games and posted a "GrandTheftAutoMemories" tweet on November 5th.

Ned Luke Twitter

Update - Ned Luke has since deleted his Twitter account. Bit late for that kiddo!

What do you think? As good as confirmed?

Comments (58)

  • Jar3d (Guest) August 02, 2012
    Sorry I meant GTA V, But yes, I think Albert would be a great character if Rockstar defines his personality like always, or maybe he isnt, Maybe the rumors of the Latin/black dude are true Idk lets wait an see.
    But yes
  • Jar3d (Guest) August 02, 2012
    You should wait till Rockstar officially confirms.
    I dont think the character customization is as Important in GTA IV if you want to customize your character please play Saints row and kill yourself.
    GTA Its always about a character with a defined personality,Niko doesnt shows interest in working out, while Maybe if you play as Brucie, the workout could be an Option, this way Gta creates amazing stories because they have a great defined character, ofcorse I mean clothes and all that even facial hair styles are alright, but always taking care of the lifestyles of the main character.
  • russianana (Guest) July 17, 2012
    i don't think we should play the old guy. 1, he is old and that would not be good for character customization. 2, i think he would be more like the don or the owner of a gang you will fight in and 3, i don't think they would have the main character talking in the trailer. especially not the 1st trailer
  • kross (Guest) June 17, 2012
    I dont want the hispanic/black guy to be the main character I rather play as the old guy then them
  • TreeFitty (Guest) May 28, 2012
    Dan Houser has said he likes the smaller DLCs. Look at RDR and Max Payne 3 for examples. Not saying 100% GTA V will do the same but that's where Rockstar is going with other games.
  • Jan E. (Guest) May 28, 2012
    It is possible that those who frequently shows up in the trailer are all protagonists in different episodes. Think about it, they will probably make more episodes here as well.
  • Kintaro (Guest) April 22, 2012
    i hope the protagonist isn't the old guy.
  • GTA 5 Fan 1994 (Guest) April 15, 2012
    I Hope Ned Is The Protagonist Not The Hipsanic Guy
  • TreeFitty (Guest) March 24, 2012
    We all do.
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