New Online Previews Coming Out on the 12th

Posted by OptimumPx via shivkat November 08, 2012 : 5 Comments : 13,176 Views

While Game Informer's exclusive Grand Theft Auto V preview releases today, it turns out that's only the beginning! We've now received word that two gaming sites from the Netherlands will be coming out with their own GTA V previews on November 12th!
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InsideGamer heeft de kans gekregen om exclusief GTA 5 te checken in New York. Lees vanaf 12 november alles over deze topgame van 2013 op IG!

InsideGamer got the exclusive chance to check out GTA 5 in New York. Read all about this top game starting from the 12th of November.
GTA V. We hebben 'm in actie gezien. En erover gesproken met de makers. Lees 12 november alles over de nieuwe Grand Theft Auto op

GTA V. We've seen it in action. And we talked about it with the developer. Read all about the new Grand Theft Auto 5 on 12th of November on

Thanks to shivkat for the heads up, and DanielNL for the correct translations!

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A few more international media outlets have also said they will be releasing their own previews on Monday. Get a comfy chair ready!

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